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Learn to Speak Romanian

Reasons why People Should Learn to Speak Romanian in Ireland

Description: There are so many reasons why everyone should learn another language in addition to their first one. Let’s talk about the main reasons you should learn to speak Romanian.

If you are an Irish, chances are that Romanian is completely a new language to you. Learning such kind of a language will enable you to communicate and interact with the people you never would have before. Today, I am going to share with you some of the main reasons why you should consider learning Romanian language in Ireland. Check them out!

It improves your first language

Learning to speak Romanian language helps you improve your mother tongue. When you study another language, you will significantly improve in mother tongue skills, especially in areas related to speaking skills, vocabulary, reading and grammar. When studying Romanian, you will learn and understand the breakdown and structures of a language.

Makes you more creative

Like any other second language, learning Romanian involves learning how to use words in sentences and phrases. It also involves finding the words that you can use as substitutes of other words.

When you are learning a new language, your tutor will show you several words and how to use them. However, it is not possible that they tell you all the words. So, it will be upon you to find the missing words. Well, you will have to be creative for you to be able to find these words. The same happens when you learn Romanian as a second language. You will be more creative and you will have a more diversified thinking approach as compared to a monolingual person.

Most creativity will still occur when you are using the language. When you meet a person who speaks Romanian, you will have to be creative especially in your speaking skills and interpretation during a conversation.

You will experience Romanian culture

When you learn to speak Romanian, you will not only learn how to communicate, but you will also learn Romanian culture.

The culture of a people is embedded in their language. So, it’s almost impossible to learn a language without learning the culture of the people who speak that particular language. The courses of learning Romanian contain culture notes. You will also work with tutors who will show you how to use various conversation exchanges, how to address your peers, your seniors, juniors and so on as per the culture of Romanians.

When you learn to speak Romanian, there will be limited chances of misunderstanding between you and any Romanian friend because having learnt their culture; you will obviously understand where he or she is coming from. You will gain a cultural knowledge that will help you feel connected to other people.

Opens up more career opportunities

We live in a world where doing local business is almost impossible. With availability of internet, globalization has become a growing trend. In fact, almost all businesses that open up today are online businesses. These businesses can reach the global market within no time. When you learn to speak Romanian, you will have the ability to communicate with more people, and this allows you to do business with them.

Big corporations in Ireland are working tirelessly to reach other countries and continents. Such expansions can only be possible if communication is possible. Learning Romanian language or any foreign language builds your CV because most employers now consider a foreign language as a standard.

Schools in Ireland do no teach Romanian. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t learn to speak Romanian. There are so many Romanian classes in Ireland today, and anyone can enroll and take them no matter the age or profession. When you learn to speak Romanian, your world will change in many ways. From your self-confidence, way of thinking, and many other opportunities, learning this language comes with very many languages.

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