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Learn to Speak Polish

Top Reasons why you should learn to Speak Polish in Ireland

Description: Learning Polish takes time, patience and dedication. However, it is exciting, stimulating and beneficial to people of all ages and professions.

Being able to speak Polish fluently offers plenty of benefits as well as opportunities. Apart from aspiration and practical benefits, learning to speak Polish in Ireland also offers intellectual growth. Whatever your profession, age, or nationality, being able to speak Polish has its own benefits, particularly in the modern global society. Here are some of the top reasons why you should learn to speak Polish in Ireland.

Employers will love you

Learning to speak more than one language opens up plenty of job opportunities. Fluency in Polish language in your CV increases your chances of being shortlisted for job interviews. A multilingual person can communicate effectively within more than one community. In more often than not, potential employers usually consider multilingual people as valuable assets. Employers consider your ability to speak Polish as an asset in your skill because you will be able to communicate and connect with people who do not speak English, Irish or your first language.

When you learn to speak Polish, you add value to your professional and personal value, and it conveys that you are self-driven and motivated to learn and try new skills. What I mean is being able to speak Polish gives you an advantage against other applicants.

It boosts your brain

Studies show that learning another language has numerous cognitive benefits to the learner. Irrespective of how old you are, learning to speak Polish will improve your memory and make you have a longer attention span. Learning another language also reduces your risk of suffering age-related cognitive problems and decline.

Speaking Posh will challenge your brain to negotiate and recognize meaning. This will improve your ability to find meaning in most problem-solving tasks easily.

You will enjoy artistic works in their original Polish language

Once a word or an art is translated from its original language to another, it loses its real meaning. By learning Polish language, you will enjoy Polish creative works in their original forms. If you don’t understand Polish language, you will have no choice but to rely on English dubs and other badly translated substitutes, which lose most of the appeal or charm that made the original work of art popular. Of course, you can always find translations. However, the work of art in question will lose a lot in translation.

Improves your first language

As you go about your everyday life, you rarely think about vocabulary and the grammatical structure of your first language. However, when you start learning another language, you will be more conscious of small details in your first language. In the end, you will gain a better understanding of your first language.

When learning to speak Polish, your focus will be on vocabulary and grammatical rules that guide the construction of this language. Such an experience will give you a new, great insight into your own first language. This will lead you to improve your own language, which will intern improve your everyday life.


Learning to speak Polish is a great achievement that you won’t help but become proud of. Knowing that you can fluently speak Polish is extremely satisfying. Once you know how to speak this language, you will be more confident when engaging other people.

Learning to speak Polish is one of the most effective ways to open up your world. Your mind will always be engaged. It broadens your horizons, views and interests. You will be able to interact and connect with more people through the internet, TV and books. In few words, learning to speak Polish improves the general quality of your life.

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