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Top Reasons why you should Learn Dutch in Ireland

Description: Have you been wondering whether you should learn Dutch in Ireland? Well, let’s talk about that.

The most common languages in Ireland are, of course, English and Irish. But it’s always helpful to learn this popular European dialect, for interest, fun or the career opportunities that being fluent in Dutch might provide. Dutch is a West Germanic language spoken by around 23 million people as a first language, so you’ll be in good company.


The main reason you might wish to learn any foreign language is that you want to understand what people say, and to be understood as well when you travel. When you learn Dutch, you will be able to speak with foreigners and expats in Ireland and communicate ideas well. When you try to speak Dutch with a Dutch person in Ireland, a place where this language is not very common, you will be sending a signal that you desire to understand him or her.

You gain new friends

When you learn Dutch in Ireland, you will be able to communicate with foreigners and expats with ease. This gives you an opportunity to meet many people, interact freely and make friends. Language is a unifying factor, or so they say. The moment a stranger hears you speak a language he or she understands; chances are that you will become fast friends, especially if the two of you are in a place where the language in question is not common. In simple terms, learning Dutch in Ireland is the easiest and quickest way to widen your network and circle of friends.

Feed your mind and brain

Studying the Dutch Language, or any language at all for that matter, will challenge you mentally. This means that when you learn this language, your mind will become sharper. If what research shows is anything to go by, then studying any foreign language affects intellectual growth in a positive way. It enhances mental development, leaving the learner with greater flexibility, especially in thinking, and creates greater sensitivity of the learner to language. In fact, learning a second language really can slow the rate of mental decline in patients with Alzheimer’s disease Taking Dutch classes will make you a better listener, which enhances your negotiating skills.

You will learn the culture of the Dutch

Culture is in the language. There is no doubt about this. When learning Dutch, you will come across culture notes on the bicycles, color orange, the importance of being punctual and many other topics. You will also learn the food and holidays which are popular in Dutch culture. These courses contain notes on how the Dutch language has influenced English throughout history (and vise versa). Learning about other people’s culture helps you appreciate the uniqueness and diversity of the world. In the end, you will become more accommodative and approachable. These qualities can make you a good negotiator and a leader.

It might be a necessity in the business world

If you are working in a company that sells goods or services to Dutch-speaking people, then you should enroll for Dutch courses as soon as possible for you to be able to communicate with your customers. Learning how to read, write and speak Dutch puts you ahead of other potential employees that seek to work in companies and organizations that employ Dutch-speaking staff. Language will be a barrier if you are working with Dutch-speaking individuals when you cannot speak or understand Dutch.

Learning Dutch is fun

Learning Dutch will open up very many opportunities to enjoy life. There are so many books written in Dutch, and many cool movies acted in Dutch. You can only enjoy to the fullest these great artistic works of men if you can read, write and understand Dutch.

Dutch is a great language, and learning it exposes you to many opportunities, in tech, academica, and beyond. You will learn the incredible culture of the Dutch and their rich history. The language will help you communicate with a plethora of Dutch speakers in Ireland and beyond. You don’t need to waste any more time. Enroll and get started right away.

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