Courses in food safety: a necessary and rewarding career

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Ireland is a food island. That means we also need to be a “food safety island.”

Growing and producing food and drink is central to the Irish economy. This sector directly employs tens of thousands of people. The food business also indirectly employs an additional 230,000 more people. Ireland also has a rich food tradition. In recent years, food and drink from artisan and small scale producers has become increasingly popular, both at home and abroad. As a result, food manufacturing has increased. This means that food safety is an ever-more crucial part of Irish industry.

Why study Food & Safety?

Anyone who works with food needs to know best practices for handling it safely. Ensuring that food is free from contamination is crucial public service. It is also the law.

There are many employment opportunities in the food business. One in eight jobs in Ireland is linked to food in some way. Food safety experts work in a number of different roles. Some are employed in the large agri-food sector; others work for the government. In addition, food producers, distributors or suppliers hire staff with a background in this field. In fact, anyone who works in a kitchen or deli must undertake training.

What does it involve?

There are a number of courses on offer. The Food Safety Authority of Ireland Level 1 course is the mandatory training course for food handlers. This is necessary for anyone who works in a kitchen or in food preparation. Food workers in small supermarkets or in low risk food service roles also benefit from this course.

Level 2 courses cover the relevant topics and skills that all food workers are required to learn within 6 months. The certified Level 3 award in food safety is aimed at food business owners and managers. Food Safety and Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point Level 5 courses give students a thorough understanding of Food Safety. They will also learn the causes and prevention of food spoilage how to control hazards. Finally, they will also learn the principles behind food safety management.

There are also specialised courses on subjects such as food allergen control, food standards auditing and food safety legislation.

At a glance

Food is one of Ireland’s biggest industries. Therefore, there are many career and job opportunities for food safety experts. Courses are available for different roles and levels. These include anyone working in food preparation to experts controlling hazards. Specialised day courses as well as programmes lasting a few days to several weeks in duration are available.


Anne Sexton

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