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Don t know what www stands for When someone says just drop me an email do your palms begin to sweat Fear not there is hope for the hopeless! With plenty of beginners courses speckled all over Ireland there s no excuse for not knowing your Word from your Excel

Aside from potential public humiliation there are other reasons why computing classes would be the smart option. A report last year released by the Expert Group on Future Skills Needs (EGFSN) reflected that as Ireland s economy becomes increasingly dependent on IT; enrolment in computer courses is actually falling (obviously not the ideal scenario). To cope with the shortages employers are forced to source employees from abroad in the hopes of filling the variety of jobs available such as software engineers, computer analysts and programmers, etc.

A big reason for this discrepancy is that most computing careers require qualifications; rather than providing training. Returning to full-time college may not be a choice that you can opt for but this does not necessarily spell the end to your dream of being the next Bill Gates (he s pretty much retired so the spot s open). There are any number of IT beginner courses available; so why not give up one evening a week; ask for the Lost box-set as a birthday pressie and get yourself to the closest college providing IT classes Here s a few that might be of help to you in your expedition into cyber space

Kilroy’s College provides distance learning; an alternative that many people are taking. It has undeniable advantages; you can expand your mind and CV while sitting in the comfort of your own home. Kilroy’s College teaches the European Computer Driving License (ECDL) an IT skills certificate programme that almost 3 million people have undertaken worldwide. The course was designed by the European Commission in an attempt to set standards for computer literacy and is aimed to provide for people with no previous experience with computers. It consists of seven modules which include training in word processing (Word), in databases (Access) and in Spreadsheets (Excel). The certificate is recognised across Europe and internationally (as the ICDL) and is fast on the way to becoming a standard requirement in the workplace. Exams for the ECDL don t have to be taken at the same time or in any particular order; and they can be attempted as many times as necessary.

If that kind of freedom petrifies you, or perhaps you don t have a PC at home, or the privacy to study; then an evening computer course in the traditional classroom environment (with added computers of course) might be a better choice for you. Lots of colleges on provide an introduction to computers course.

So now you know why and where you should become a computer whiz; the rest is up to you! Good luck and remember; Unless a man undertakes more than he possibly can do, he will never do all that he can.

– Henry Drummond (He was a Minister AND a scientist; i. e. knew what he was on about).

Frank Bolger

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