Course Description

3D Modelling & Animation Level 5 (+Introduction to Game Design)

Dorset College Dublin

Why take this course?

Have you ever wished that you could produce your own animations for web, devices and video?

This 3D Modelling, Animation and Game Design course will teach you how to model objects, while developing high quality 3D environments.  You will then populate these environments with original characters, bringing them to life with the latest animation techniques.

What will You Experience?

You will develop the essential skills and knowledge in 3D modelling, animation and game design that will enable you to take your first steps into a new career in this exciting field.

You will learn from an industry experienced Professional who will guide and support you to achieve your goals.

Programme Modules

3D Modelling

The 3D Modelling & Animation course will provide you with in-depth knowledge of many aspects of 3D modelling, animation and CGI special effects, and encompasses the key areas required to work in the industry.

Introduction to 3D Modelling
Provide an introduction to 3D modeling including software, hardware, and industry applications

3D Modelling Techniques
The use of different modeling techniques including box, polygon and nurb modelling
Demonstrate the use of box and polygon modelling
Demonstrate the use of nurbs, hypernurbs, and spline

Explain UVW mapping including texture coordinates, model geometry, and texture size.   Generate and apply 2D textures using appropriate software.

The course will develop your ability to design a storyboard, materials, assign colours and employ techniques to animate objects on a path.  You will also be skilled in creating your own characters and learn how to animate them.

Most of today’s films and games would not be as exciting and sensational without talented animators.

Game Design
This introduction to Game Design will provide you with the knowledge and skills required to start a career in the areas of Game Design and Multimedia.

Entry Requirements
There are no specific academic requirement for this course.

Designed for those who are Computer users and interested in understanding how to develop and produce traditional and 3D dimensional animation work.

Dublin, Ireland
Course Code 5N1603
College Name Dorset College Dublin
Course Category Computers & IT (Information Technology), Game Design & Animation
Course Type Online Learning
Course Qualification Level 5 Certificate
Course Location Dublin, Ireland
Location Postcode Dublin 1
Course Start Date 2nd October 2023
Course End Date 11th December 2023
Course Fee €895
Course Duration 11 weeks
Course Times Monday: 6.30 - 09.30 p.m. + 2 Sat Workshop
Awarding Body QQI
Title of Awarding 3D Modelling & Animation Certificate
Entry Requirements Basic knowledge of computers is required. Progression - Academic routes include: Progress to the Bachelor of Science in Computing Level 7 in Dorset College or related courses in other Colleges. QQI Higher Certificate in Computing Level 6 (Exit Award) PMI Diploma in Project Management Professional PMP®
Career Path This 3D Modelling and Animation course will provide a solid foundation and enable you to progress your career with further professional or academic programmes of study. Some of the specific job duties of a 3D animator may include: Creating animation and graphics with the aid of computer illustrations and software programs. Spending time researching the project to get ideas for animation. Creating a working model of scenes to be animated in movies, television, or video games.
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Dorset College Dublin

7 & 8 Belvedere Place, Dublin 1, Dublin., 7 & 8 Belvedere Place, Dublin 1, Dublin., Dublin, Republic of Ireland

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Dorset College Dublin
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7 & 8 Belvedere Place, Dublin 1, Dublin., Dublin
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