New Microsoft Office Suite Courses at Pitman Training

By Steven Galvin - Last update

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Whether you work in a multinational office, an accounting firm, law firm or a GP practice – your desk should be paperless! This is the perfect time to focus on your digital skills and help make the office paperless with  the New Microsoft Office Suite Courses at Pitman Training.

Employers want their employees to know commonly used systems such as the Microsoft Office Suite as it is beneficial to the employee and the environment.

New Microsoft Office Suite Courses at Pitman Training

With Pitman Training’s new Microsoft Office Suite in the latest version, students will have a solid grounding in this field and be in a position to excel at your job and apply for a promotion.

Pitman can provide you the ins & outs of Microsoft Office Suite as well as other courses to give you that one step ahead of your colleagues.

Courses are user-friendly, suited to your schedule, hybrid studying (home/in-centre) and a Learning Coach at hand. You can choose your start date and could be finished under 3 months.

Explore your learning options at Pitman Training Centres all across the country.

Pitman Training is a unique learning environment, which allows students to study and train at their own pace. Each of their centres around Ireland are also hosts to a number of experienced course advisors, who are always on hand to offer support and encouragement.

The reason for Pitman pursuing this flexible method of studying is pragmatic as the contemporary student body varies in culture and lifestyle. Some students have just left college, some may work at a full-time job, while others have children to take care of or are constantly on the go.

Pitman Training is here to correspond to these realistic factors by offering their opening hours, but no rigid timetable. This allows students to come and go when they please and gives them the opportunity to ascertain the skills that are essential for their desired job.

Steven Galvin

Diploma in Project Management at DBS
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