Learn a second language: The Language People join Nightcourses.com

By Anne Sexton - Last update

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We are delighted to announce that The Language People have joined Nightcourses.com.

Maud Cunningham in Dungarvan, Co. Waterford set up The Language People, and the company provides a variety of language learning opportunities for people of all ages.

Learning a new language should be fun

The Language People believe that learning a new language opens doors for us in our personal and professional lives. They are committed to making learning a pleasure. As a result, The Language People will ensure that your language learning experience an enjoyable one.

Adults who wish to be able to communicate in another language can join one of their small groups or they can opt for one-on-one tuition, both of which are perfect for language learning.

Weekly classes, workshops and summer camps

The company provide support to secondary school students in Irish, French, German, Spanish and Italian and more in their weekly classes, workshops or summer camps. The Language People have structure classes. This gives students the basics tools that allow them to use and improve on their language skills. Classes are always small – consequently, each student gets the individual attention they require as well as time to practice the language. They also encourage students to use the language from an early stage of learning.

Why learn a new language?

There are plenty of good reasons to learn a new language. It opens up new cultures, transforms your travel experience and allows you to make new friends.

On a more practical note, a second language improves your employability. Nearly 200,000 people in Ireland work for multinational companies and we live in an increasingly globalised world. Language skills are highly in demand, not only for localisation services, but also for the ability to speak to others in their native tongue across all levels of an organisation.

Furthermore, there is evidence that learning a second language improves your brainpower and decision-making skills. Researchers from the University of Chicago found that when people speak or think over a course of action in a second language, they are more likely to think through the consequences of their decisions. Another study, this from University College London found that learning other languages exercises and improves the areas of the brain that process information. It’s like exercise for the brain!

Anne Sexton

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