A long way to Tipperary? IBAT’s Garda Preparation Course may help

By Frank Bolger - Last update

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In January of this year, the Irish Times reported that there were around 25,000 applications in the first recruitment drive for An Garda Siochna. It was the first such drive since 2009, and that absence certainly seems to have made hearts much fonder as applications outnumbered available places by around 100 to 1. The IBAT College Garda Preparation Course is one way to beef up your application.

The next rounds of the selection process will include online aptitude tests, interviews and physical condition and health checks – all of which are expected to conclude by the summer.

Performing well in these tests is standard; however, to guarantee a place in the Garda college in Templemore, candidates will have to perform exceptionally well.

Establishing a competitive advantage sounds like the kind of spiel you’d expect to hear from the suits on Wall Street, but when supply and demand are so lopsidedly disproportionate – as is clearly the case here – then it’s high time to start looking into avenues that’ll give you a helping hand.

IBAT College is offering one such route via its intensive one-day Garda Preparation Course.

The course will be delivered by facilitators with extensive mainstream policing and training experience. Participation on the course will be interactive, and participants will be given a full understanding of what’s required en route to becoming a member of An Garda Siochana. Those who complete the course will be competent in the requirements for each stage of the competition process with particular emphasis on the Assessment Centre (supervised) and Interview stages.



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