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By Frank Bolger - Last update

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It probably holds true for many of us that the early months of a new year can be pretty gloomy. The festive season is now well past, but the lingering post-holiday blues can hang around like an unwanted guest. And so we gaze out our rain-lashed windows daydreaming of sun and blue skies, which doesn’t make summer arrive any sooner, unfortunately.

But idle hands make the devil’s work, they say, and a watched pot never boils. Getting active and making the most of our spare time is the best we can do.

Of course activity needn’t mean doing squats and lunges in the cold rain. It just means doing something productive and enjoyable, for you and for others.

Cake Decorating and Sugar Craft

And who doesn’t enjoy a delicious cake Courses in cake decorating and sugar craft allow you to be creative while teaching you how to work with a variety of delightful confections: almond and sugar paste, butter cream, royal icing – all laid out in arrangements to catch the eye and make mouths water, at any occasion.


Whether your goal is to be the belle of the ball with a stunning new dress or simply to make alterations so that you can re-aquaint yourself with a favourite pair of jeans, dressmaking classes are available at all levels. You’ll learn to customise your clothes in the style you prefer and to craft, sew, fit and finish your own garment from scratch. Once you’ve the basic techniques right, you’ll soon be wearing items you’ll be proud to show off.

Jewellery Making

Creating something decorative with your own hands is extremely rewarding. Jewellery making classes will introduce you to a range of skills, equipment, and the language of jewellery making. Classes offer ample time to design and create your own pieces with support and assistance from a trained teacher. By the time you’ve completed a course you’ll have created your own range of jewellery – necklaces, bracelets, earrings – with a retail value well above your class fees.

And who knows, by the time your programme’s ended, the clouds may have lifted and the sun come out.

Frank Bolger

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