Certificate in Counselling & Psychotherapeutic Studies at IICP College

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This Level 6 Certificate in Counselling & Psychotherapeutic Studies at IICP College is the perfect entry point for those considering a career in counselling and psychotherapy as it contains an excellent mix of theory, skills and personal development. All IICP teaching staff are therapy practitioners, which means they put their teaching into a real-world context. This programme is delivered using Blended Learning, including both on campus and online inputs.

Certificate in Counselling & Psychotherapeutic Studies at IICP College

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Programme Aims

Upon completion, learners should be able to:

  • Demonstrate broad elementary knowledge of two main therapy approaches; Person Centred Therapy and Choice Theory/Reality Therapy;
  • Describe the evolution of counselling and psychotherapy from historical to contemporary perspectives;
  • Discuss mental illness and its treatment, including modern therapeutic approaches;
  • Identify the scope and limitations of counselling and psychotherapy;
  • Appreciate basic ethical considerations for working with others;
  • Describe the essential components of a therapeutic relationship;
  • Engage in simulated practice of basic counselling practice;
  • Apply core counselling and psychotherapeutic skills in simulated practice;
  • Participate in reflective exercises in one-to-one and group settings;
  • Consider the role of the self in the therapeutic relationship;
  • Recognise the limitations of one’s own knowledge, skills and competencies; and
    Communicate effectively in academic and practice settings.

This programme is suitable for those either working in the helping professions, or interested in seeking to develop their awareness of what is involved in training as a counsellor/psychotherapist.

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About IICP College

IICP – Institute of Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy provide a comprehensive programme of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses and programmes for Counsellors, Psychotherapists and others working in the helping profession.

Over the past 16 years, IICP have built up a reputation for delivering professional, high quality CPD courses focusing on in-demand areas such as Counselling, Family Therapy, Integrated Supervision, Mindfulness, Anger Mangement and Supervision, Child & Adolescent Counselling & Psychotherapy amongst others. All our CPD courses are competitively priced and undergo regular quality checks to ensure the highest level of training is being provided. IICP offer a variety of IACP validated and QQI accredited courses ranging from Certificate level up to Masters Degree level.

At IICP, we desire to contribute a community dimension to the development of mental health care and counselling through the use of a practical, cutting-edge and integrative model, which formed the basis for this pioneering and innovative programme. We consider that training in counselling and psychotherapy is an inter-disciplinary endeavour, a combination of art and science to include, amongst others, the disciplines of philosophy, psychology, sociology and anthropology.

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Steven Galvin

Advanced Diploma in Mediation at King’s Inns
Level 8 Degree in Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy at IICP