CATIA / SolidWorks and AutoDesk Inventor training from Keltia Ireland

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Keltia Ireland Ltd is a technical support services company providing CAD training and engineering design, as well as a broad range of technical recruiting services. They work with customers in the aerospace, automotive, medical device, pharmaceutical sectors as well as industries involved with automation. Keltia Ireland have been in business since 2012. They also have a sister company in the US, Keltia Design, Inc. that has been in business for nearly 17 years.

Training services

Keltia Ireland’s training introduce the user interface of CATIA / SolidWorks and AutoDesk Inventor. As a result, they give engineers and technical designers the ability to navigate the CATIA / SolidWorks and AutoDesk Inventor environment. Subjects covered include:

  • The relationship between toolbars, menus, and the graphics area
  • Starting up CATIA / SolidWorks and AutoDesk Inventor, ribbon / toolbar selection and switching between toolbars
  • Screen layout, settings and toolbar locations
  • Mouse skills and view manipulation
  • The product structure and file system, part modelling and sketcher toolbar

After completion, students should be capable of entering CATIA / SolidWorks and AutoDesk Inventor documents with an understanding of the file structure and basic functionality. They will also know how to navigate the file structure to interrogate existing models and make simple parts.

Whether creating new designs or integrating existing engineering documents, this class provides the fundamental skills necessary for the operation of CATIA / SolidWorks & AutoDesk Inventor.


What CAD Package?

AutoCAD by AutoDesk

This is a general-purpose package and not industry standard.

AutoDesk have specialised packages for industry.

  • Inventor for MEP engineering,
  • REVIT for Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Inventor by AutoDesk

A computer-aided design application for creating 3D digital prototypes used in the design, visualization and simulation of products. It uses ShapeManager, their proprietary geometric modelling kernel.

Autodesk Inventor competes directly with SolidWorks and Solid Edge.

SolidWorks byDassaultSystèmes

This is the industry standard package for pharmaceutical and medical device, as well as mechanical and electronics manufacturing.

CATIA (computer aided three-dimensional interactive application) by DassaultSystèmes

Adopted by Boeing back in the 1980s CATIA is the industry standard package for aviation, automotive, and ship building in addition to renewable energy industries such as wind turbine manufacturers.

It’s a multi-platform software suite for computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), as well as computer-aided engineering (CAE), PLM and 3D.


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