Basic Computer Literacy Course at CTEC

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Community Training & Education Centre (CTEC) is running  a Basic Computer Literacy Course. CTEC provides lifelong learning courses in Wexford.

Basic Computer Literacy Course at CTEC

Unit 1 – Microsoft Windows

  • Getting to know the PC
  • Computer Screen
  • Using the Mouse
  • Using a Windows operating system
  • The Windows desktop
  • Booting up and Powering Down
  • Saving & Storing your work

Unit 2 – Word Processing

  • Inserting & Deleting Text
  • Blocking Text Toolbars
  • Word-wrap
  • Spell check
  • Formatting & graphics
  • Print Preview /Printing
  • Editing Text
    • ÿCut
    • Copy & Paste
    • Date – Numbering
  • Bullets
    • Borders & Shading
    • Saving to file /Disc
    • Changing Case

Unit 3 – Internet & E Mail

  • Understanding the Internet & E Mail
  • Searching the Web
  • Sending & receiving E Mail

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Community Training & Education Centre (CTEC) provides lifelong learning courses in Wexford.

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Established in January 2003, The Community Training & Education Centre (CTEC) is a not-for-profit training community organisation providing training for all sectors of society – employed and unemployed. All training is delivered from an adult education philosophy and every effort is made to ensure that our training provides learners with a positive and enjoyable experience which will encourage them in the “Lifelong Learning” process. 

CTEC provides training for those seeking employment, participants on FAS CE schemes and those who are employed but who wish to enhance their skills base. In addition, we provide tailor-made training to suit the needs of individuals and/or groups and on-site business training.

Mission Statement

“To develop and deliver  training programmes in response to the training and educational needs of our customers in line with the ethos and principles of adult and community education.”


“ To provide equality of access to training programmes for those who cannot avail of programmes currently provided by other agencies, and to ensure that the training is of the highest quality at all times.”


·To provide training programmes of the highest quality for those who are educationally disadvantaged

·To ensure equality of access to all CTEC training programmes

·To support potential course participants to source funding from various agencies set up to assist in further education and training·To deliver training from an adult and community education perspective in a friendly, non-threatening atmosphere

·To provide students with a positive learning experience which will encourage them to continue in the process of lifelong learning.·To allow participants learn at their own pace and to respect the skills, strengths and diversity of talents which students present.

·To work in conjunction with other local agencies to secure funding for training courses being requested by the unemployed.


·To work in close liaison with local employers and other adult and further education training providers to ensure progression routes for participants from all our training programmes.

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