15th Annual Irish Economics and Psychology Conference

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The 15th annual one day conference on Economics and Psychology will be held on Friday, December 16th, 2022 in person at the TU Dublin and online on Zoom.

The purpose of the conference is to develop the links between Economics, Psychology, and cognate disciplines throughout Ireland. A special theme of these events is the implications of behavioural economics for public policy.

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15th Annual Irish Economics and Psychology Conference

Speakers will include:

  • David DeFranza (UCD) on “How language perpetuates gender stereotypes and prejudices”
  • Diane Pelly (TCD) on “Nudging in the workplace: increasing participation in employee EDI wellness events”
  • Emma Howard (TU Dublin) on “Is it possible to have a vegetarian option? Exploring social support for meat reducers and abstainers”
  • John Ivory (Ofcom, UK) on “Online choice architecture and online safety”
  • Kate Laffan (LSE) on “tba”
  • Leonhard Lades (UCD) on “Assessing administrative burdens as barriers to implementation of Ireland’s 2021 Climate Action Plan”
  • Lucie Martin (UCD) on “Reducing sludge in public policy and organisations”
  • Michael Daly (Maynooth) on “Global trends in emotional distress, 2009-2021”
  • Olga Poluektova (ESRI) on “Public perceptions of cervical screening in Ireland”
  • Vessela Daskalova (UCD) on “In-group Favouritism in Collective Decisions”
  • Wooyun (Yuna) Yang (UCD) and Suhas Vijayakumar (UCD) on “How Mere Salience of Cryptocurrency Can Shape Risk Preference”

and more speakers will be added.

For more information about previous conferences, click the following links: 2021202020192018, and 2017

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