Anthropology Courses: studying humans, the most fascinating subject of all

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Anthropology is the study of how humans act within a society. It puts the human story into perspective and makes sense of the world we live in. Courses in this field may look at the far past to make sense of our ancestors, or students may examine the modern age with a critical lens. Anthropology might seem like an abstract discipline, but it offers a tremendous amount of real-world education. As a result, knowledge in this field can increase your chance of landing a great job.

Why study anthropology

There are a number of careers open to students of anthropology. Of course, there is always a need for university researchers and lecturers, but the field is broader than that. Increasingly, the corporate world is looking for staff with a background in anthropology. This is because the skills learnt can be applied to the business world. First of all, by studying consumer buying patterns and behaviours. This kind of information is not always clear in statistical data. Numbers tell one story, but sometimes a more human answer needs to be found. That s where anthropology shines. In addition, graduates are also hired by the government to assist in research, planning, and understanding the impact of decisions. Finally, the non-profit sector is another source of employment for anthropology students.

What does it involve

Traditionally, students progressed from undergraduate to graduate programs. However even completing a few courses can improve your employability. Whether students want to complete a full-time course and proceed to graduate school, or are looking to take a few courses in the evening, there are options. Introductory, undergraduate and post-graduate courses are available, so there is something for everyone. Courses offered across Ireland include introductory courses on anthropology, ethnography and culture, or courses on development and specialist courses on the anthropology of Ireland.

At a glance

Anthropology examines why societies do what they do, making it a vastly applicable field. The courses offered across the country can fit anyone s schedule and educational needs. There are a number of job opportunities across diverse fields that an education in anthropology can help provide.

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