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If the biting cold has made you reluctant even to leave the sitting room, then chances are that you won’t want to head outside to enrol in a night course. However, you can get educated without the accompanying chilblains by taking an online course

Many of us are less and less able to commit to rigid classes that require us to be at a certain location at fixed times and days throughout an academic year. Family and work commitments, living in the backend of nowhere and the new January TV schedule all contribute to this inability. With e-learning, you avoid all the hassle that accompanies attending a class – the draughty classroom, the travel arrangements, that student who feels he should constantly bring up ‘just one more point that may be of interest ‘.

Distance learning has moved on from the old-style correspondence course of the past, now making use of telephone conferencing, email, the Internet and video tuition to impart knowledge. The range of courses and certification is wide – just be sure that the institution you sign up to is reputable. The European Association for Distance Learning (EADL) and the International Council on Correspondence Education (ICCE) will only accredit colleges of good standing, so check the college’s credentials beforehand to be sure that you receive a quality course.

You have probably heard of the Open University and DCU’s OSCAIL programme, but you might not be aware of the other options in Ireland for home based learning.

Other Irish online colleges include the College of Management and IT (CMIT) – providers of a huge range of courses from criminology to IT, and ULearning in the University of Limerick who specialise in cutting edge technology and management programmes. In addition, an increasing number of classroom based course providers are moving into this growing area of further learning, with the likes of NUI Galway running an increasing number of online courses.

Distance learning does require you to have self-discipline. To get the most out of a course, you should try and set aside time for study and choose a subject that really interests you – this will help to keep your motivation levels up. Also, make use of all the extra help the college provides. For example, don’t be afraid to ask questions of your tutor, even if you think they are obvious ones – after all, that’s what they are there for.

Searching for a distance learning programme Simply select ‘Distance Learning’ from the ‘Which Course Type ‘ drop down menu on the Nightcourses. com Course Search page.

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