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Learn Turkish Language

Why should you Learn Turkish in Ireland?

Description: As far as language is concerned, the world has and continues to change. Gone are the days when one could speak just one language. Apart from your first language, you should also learn other languages such as Turkish.

Today’s world is interdependent and interconnected. Learning Turkish is one way of being able to engage with more people within Ireland and around the world in a more meaningful and immediate way. If you are considering studying Turkish and you are still wondering whether it’s a good idea, then the following reasons should put any doubt to rest.

Helps you do business in Ireland

Learning Turkish language is a good idea if you are looking to do business in Ireland and Germany at large. Even though a good number of people who come to Ireland from Turkey speak English, some of them only know Turkish. Learning Turkish will help you do business with everyone from Turkey. It also helps you do business with non-English speaking clients and customers who are not necessarily in Ireland.

You will be able to connect with many people

Man is a social being. The ability of a man to connect with other people is among the most satisfying aspects of the experience of the humans. When you learn Turkish language, you will be able to communicate with Turkey nationals in their professional and personal lives. When you can speak and write Turkish, you become a local even if you are not in Turkey. Learning this language will expand your world both figuratively and literally, as you will be able to meet and communicate with more people. When you communicate with people in their first language, you will be able to build lasting friendships. This way, your network will grow tremendously.

You gain perspective

As you learn Turkish, you will learn new culture as well. When you read and understand culture notes, you will automatically start drawing comparison between your culture and the new culture. Learning a different culture will shed more light on the positive and negative aspects of your own culture that you would normally not consider. This way, you will be able to change what is negative and appreciate what is positive in your culture.

You become a better decision maker

According to studies, the decisions a person makes in his or her foreign language tend to be more logical as compared to those decisions made in first language. It has been proven that when you deliberate in another language, you will distance yourself from biases and emotional responses that are usually associated with your first language. This means that when you learn Turkish, and use it to make decisions, you will be more reasonable because you will be basing everything on facts.

It advances your career

Whatever your profession, language skills you will acquire and use when learning Turkish will give you an important competitive advantage against your peers who only speak their first language. Employers in Ireland are usually looking for professionals who have learnt other languages. Learning Turkish makes you able to communicate easily with customers from Turkey and in new markets. Language skills will lead to increased salaries. In short, adding language skills to your profession puts you ahead of everyone else.

Turkish is one of the most important languages in the Middle East and Eastern Europe with tens of millions of native speakers around the world. For whatever reason you want to learn this language, whether for tourist or business reasons, you should get good resources and a good tutor to guide you and teach you everything you need to know.

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