GMB College: Getting you ready for employment.

By Anne Sexton - Last update

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Established in 2015, GMB College offer fully accredited courses. These range from QQI Level 4, 5 and 6 awards. GMB College also boasts a 14 desk computer suite which is ideal for ECDL candidates who wish to re-sit examinations or take an accredited ECDL certificate course.

We sat down with the team at GMB College to find out a bit more about what’s on offer.

Tell us a bit about the teachers and instructors you have.

The focus in GMB College is to ensure the quality of our training and education. All of the instructors and tutors in GMB College have a third level qualification in their subject matter, three years of industry experience and a teaching qualification, ensuring that students are gaining valuable knowledge and experience in their chosen field of study.

What kind of students does the college generally attract? 

Our courses broadly fall into three categories. Firstly, there are threshold courses which qualify our graduates to work in industries such as childcare, security, health care, human resources. Next, we have courses which provide upskilling and next career step qualifications such as management, supervision, negotiation, as well as personal effectiveness and communications. Finally, we offer compliance application courses. These include employment law, health and safety, equality and diversity, occupational first aid, and manual handling. Consequently, our student base covers all walks of life, the employed, unemployed, mature students, school leavers. There is a practical course aiding career development for everyone in GMB College!

Are there any funding options for unemployed people?

Jobseekers may be eligible to avail of Department of Social Welfare funding to facilitate their entry to a particular training programme. The allocation of funding is solely at the discretion of the Social Welfare job facilitator. It also depends upon the availability of funding and the applicant’s eligibility.

Occasionally employers fund courses fully or partially. In addition, local charities may assist with fee contributions, if approached.

How many students does a class typically have?

We like to keep the maximum number of students in a class is 12. As a result, we can facilitate every student and every type of learning style. There is no hiding!

How much one-on-one time with instructors can students expect?

Our tutoring programmes provides for group sessions and one to one mentoring on a monthly basis throughout our course. Furthermore, should a student feel like they would benefit from additional aid throughout the course, that can always be facilitated.

Does distance education appeal to a certain kinds of student? 

The distance learning option provides access to learning at the student’s own pace and time. Therefore, it suits anyone who wants to learn but requires flexibility about when that learning happens.

Is there anything you’d like potential students to know?

In our formation and in the development of our courses we have ensured that time to practice is built into all of our courses. This means that at the end of a course every student will have had not just have the theoretical knowledge but also be able to apply it with confidence and competence. This means that anyone graduating from GMB College is work ready with the skills and confidence to apply their learning in their field of work.

What makes your institute a great place to study?

We are totally focussed on the student experience – making sure their voices are heard, and that their concerns and worries going through education, or coming back to education are taken seriously and addressed with excellent supports and an enjoyable experience.


Anne Sexton

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