Five Tips for Climbing the Career Ladder in 2022

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In this guest feature article, Pitman Training share five tips for climbing the career ladder in 2022.

It will come as no surprise that many people try and climb the ‘corporate ladder’, but very few succeed. But the fact of the matter is, advancing your career requires dedication – otherwise everyone would be a CEO. So, whether you are a recent graduate or an experienced businessperson looking to take the next step up in your career, you are in luck. Paul Lewis, the Managing Director of Pitman Training – a training provider that offers over 250+ highly recognised, self-paced training courses across centres in the UK and Ireland – is here to give his advice on how you can successfully climb the career ladder and push for promotions.

In a post-pandemic world, the job market is incredibly competitive, and with 61% of people who took a course or Diploma with Pitman Training reporting that they did so because they want a better job or promotion, it is more important than ever to ensure you stand out from the crowd when it comes to gaining that promotion at work. However, knowing how to successfully climb the ladder in the corporate world and what steps to take can help you better plan your career path. So, here are my five top tips for helping you climb the career ladder in 2022:

Five tips for climbing the career ladder in 2022

1. Identify your goals

The first and most important step in advancing your career is to identify your goals carefully. Setting out goals will help trigger new behaviours, help guide your focus, and sustain that momentum you need when climbing the career ladder.

Start by deciding what job you want to pursue. If you want to become the CEO of a large organisation, consider having a closer look at what this career path looks like for most corporate employees. After identifying your dream job and career path, you may consider listing what you want to accomplish within this career by making a long-term career plan. To do this, establish your significant goals. Say you want to develop your leadership skills: what are the smaller steps required to achieve this? Could it be improving how you communicate or organising your time? Setting out and then completing these smaller goals will help you ultimately achieve your significant goal and allow you to climb the career ladder.


2. Work hard and work smart

There is no denying that to be successful at anything in life, it is crucial to work hard. However, that does not mean working ridiculously long hours, juggling multiple projects or sacrificing family time. It means putting effort, determination and focus into your work. Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘Make every second count’? Well, by working smarter and not harder, your chances of climbing the career ladder are a lot higher.

But how do you work smarter? I would suggest focusing on just one task at a time. It is simply impossible for us to focus on multiple tasks requiring real brainpower, so giving all your attention to one job at a time will help you improve your work, increase your speed and productivity and, ultimately, catch your manager’s eye. A second way to work smarter would be to take short breaks throughout the day. Taking breaks is one of my favourite ways to work smarter. Without breaks, our brains get tired, and we get distracted easily. Finally, block smaller tasks together to improve your productivity. For example, instead of answering every email as it comes in, schedule blocks of time throughout the day to check and respond to your emails. Another idea is to set meetings back-to-back or even block time on your calendar for activities that require thought and concentration like research, writing or brainstorming. Doing this saves you time to get on with your real work!

3. Align your efforts with your company’s goals

If you are looking for a promotion within your current company, you should ensure that everything you do benefits the company’s goals or fits into the company’s values. Every business has inefficiencies and problems. So, ask your company director or line manager about how you can align your work to solve issues and benefit your business. A team member that constantly reviews their tasks and priorities to ensure that they are aligned with the company’s current strategies, goals and values are the employee’s managers know will directly contribute to the company’s success. As a result, they will be more inclined to promote you up through the ranks.

4. Upskill yourself and become and expert

Managers want to see an employee who understands that they do not know everything. Often, when a manager is looking to hire, they look for the employees that know there is always room for growth and improvement. One of the best ways to demonstrate this to your employer is by actively seeking out ways to learn at work.

As an employee, when you commit to self-improvement by upskilling or taking a course in your spare time, it shows your employer that you have the dedication and ambition that is needed to take the next step in your career. Taking an adult education course to benefit your skillset will help you increase your chances of getting a promotion and achieving your goals. When looking to take these steps in self-development, consider asking your supervisor to help you set your annual performance goals. This way, you can establish that you are considerate of the company’s needs and highlight what would be most beneficial for you to work on.

5. Network wisely

Across every industry, the importance of professional connections remains the same. Whether you work for a trendy tech start-up or an established corporate giant, who you know is vitally important. I think it is fair to say the more people you know and who know you (and like you), the more opportunities you will encounter. So, to help you succeed in your career, get out and about and meet people.

The relationships you build throughout your career have the potential to carry you to the top of your field – and faster than with skills alone. Building relationships and gaining the trust of your team and company could give you more opportunities to show off those hard skills you already possess. Also, remember, you don’t get what you don’t ask for. So, establishing a relationship can make it easier to ask for a promotion. It could be intimidating to ask for something if there is no relationship established. Building professional relationships over time can help make you more confident when approaching your hiring manager or your boss looking to gain a promotion.

It is no secret that many people hope to score a promotion this year, so following these tips will put you in good stead for climbing the career ladder in 2022. For more information, contact one of Pitman’s centres to learn more about how you can give your CV an extra boost with a Pitman Training diploma or certification.


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