Car Maintenance Courses

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Anyone who s ever found themselves in the rather embarrassing and frustrating situation of having their car cut out in rush hour traffic will recognise the importance of knowing what s what under the hood. Doing a part-time course in car maintenance will help you prepare for unforeseen events like this; and will also equip you with the kind of knowledge that will make you head of the boisterous banter in the pub on Friday.

Now that every car must do a NCT test after four years and every two years after that the value of having a bit of know how has never been more rewarding. An evening car maintenance course will teach you to how to look after the most important mechanical and safety items such as lights, brakes, tyres, emissions and steering.

The ultimate aim is to ensure that all participants understand how cars work and therefore get the maximum return for their car. Graduates will know what to look for when they re buying and selling and know how to carry out routine maintenance or repairs by themselves, rather than being forced to pay a mechanic for a small task like replacing bulbs. Apart from the aforementioned safety benefits you re certain to save yourself a great deal of hassle in the long run; never again will you stare helplessly at a flat tyre. Sold Yeah we re good like that

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