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Do you want to get ahead in your career? Whether you’re a manager looking to hone your skills, or just starting out in your chosen field, we have something that might interest you. Here at, we’d like to focus a spotlight on an excellent accredited programme in Project Management. This twenty-week, QQI Level 6 course takes place at the Liberties College, Dublin and best of all? It will only set you back €450.

Why study Project Management?

Tempted? We don’t blame you. This Project Management course will teach you valuable skills, enabling you to compete for employment in this dynamic market-driven economy. Though traditionally linked to the construction industry, Project Management is nevertheless applicable in a range of other industries. Areas such as Media, IT and Financial Services all benefit greatly from the implementation of these techniques. Project Management is all about utilising strategies to help companies remain nimble, provide value and improve quality of delivery to their customers. As a result, this certificate is certainly of benefit to any CV.

Course Content

If you book on this training, you will gain a skill and competency in both the theory and practice of Project Management methodologies. All learners will also receive a copy of the invaluable textbook PMBOK 6th Edition. Again, we can’t stress the value enough!

Would you benefit from any of the following skills?
▪ Developing understanding required to work effectively in managing projects.
▪ Developing project management skills, concepts, tools, and techniques.
▪ Being able to create and organise projects, schedule project tasks and manage project risk & communications.
▪ Learning to identify and analyse elements of risk and create both risk and quality plans to set desired quality standards.
▪ Being able to pinpoint problems that are likely to require change and set out action plans for this change.

Also, there’s no painful Leaving Cert-style exam. Rather, anyone taking the course will submit written assignments showing an understanding of the theoretical and practical skills associated with Project Management.

Liberties College

Another selling point would, of course, be the excellent Liberties College team themselves. From their central city location, they provide training that makes a real difference – building confidence and knowledge that will lay the foundation for your future career or further education. The staff are friendly, supportive, encouraging and work hard to help students develop personally, do well academically and develop skills to meet the challenges in the workplace or in higher education.

If you’re thinking of booking on to this course, make sure you put your best foot forward when it comes to the application; there are only 15 spots in total. Find out more about the Project Management QQI Level 6 certificate or the rest of their excellent programmes here.


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