Specialist Diploma in Corporate Environmental Planning – Deadline Extended

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Do you want to forge a career in the environmental field? NUI Galway and Next Level Skillnet are running a Specialist Diploma in Corporate Environmental Planning that’s now starting on 11th October 2019. This course provides an overview of the evolution of environmental planning and management and its relationship to society and industry today. Drawing on contemporary examples, this course will explore the roots and principles of environmental planning and management in practice, introducing students to a range of conceptual and practical approaches. It will prepare students with the knowledge and skills to be leaders and decision-makers in developing solutions for contemporary environmental issues in industrial and commercial environments. It will also provide students with an understanding of waste legislation, the key issues and practical implications in relation to waste management and focus on lean processes and waste prevention.

This specialist diploma award is particularly suitable for students requiring medium-term upskilling for career advancement in the area of environmental policy and leadership to strengthen their capacities as efficient environmental managers and effective environmental leaders in their organisations.

Corporate Environmental Planning  Course Outline

Modules include six of the following:

  • Environmental Management for Organisations
  • Energy Management
  • Waste Management and Compliance
  • Water Management and Conservation
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Lifecycle Design for Environment
  • The Lean Organisation and Technology
  • Environmental Leadership in Organisations
  • Environmental Awareness and CSR

Requirements and Assessment

This course is delivered by a combination of Saturday workshops every 4 weeks, online lectures and learning activities, eBooks and other digital resources and printed module guides.
Each module is individually assessed by assignments completed throughout the semester. The major assignment for each module will be the development of a plan for the participant’s workplace.

Career Opportunities

This course is aimed at technicians, operatives, engineers, middle or senior managers who wish to move into specialist environmental and resource management roles, develop organisational systems, and advise senior management. The course would also suit those who are interested in environmental entrepreneurship, new service or product development, emerging models, consulting roles etc.

Who’s Suited to This Course
The specialist diplomas are primarily intended for students who already have a Science or Engineering related diploma or degree and are working in an operations, design, lean or regularly compliance role in their companies.


Find out more about this course online here.


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