Spanish Language Exchange at Pearse Street Library

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Do you want to learn how to speak Spanish? Do you already speak and want to improve? Are you a native speaker and want to improve your English? Register now for the Spanish Language Exchange at Pearse Street Library.

Anyone is welcome, whatever your ability. It is a chance to share what you know, and learn among others who are discovering a new language for the first time or are building on their existing knowledge.

Spanish Language Exchange at Pearse Street Library

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Featured Course

Speak Spanish – Diploma Training Course in Spanish for Beginners

Distance Learning, Spanish Course by Kilroy’s College  –  Dublin City South, Co. Dublin

Learn how to speak basic conversational Spanish with our Speak Spanish Now home study course. People have many and varied reasons for wanting to learn a foreign language and this Spanish course will soon have you speaking Spanish with confidence. Even if you have never spoken Spanish before this course is still for you. It will give the beginner the grammar, vocabulary and the verbal skills needed to speak basic conversational Spanish.

Course Contents


At the Restaurant

In a Hotel

Hiring a Car

At the Train Station


At the Travel Agency


Talking about Yourself

Research proves that the best and most effective way to learn a language is the way you learned English – by listening and practising what you have heard. Speak Spanish Now uses this technique in a unique and exciting way. You listen to pre-recorded Spanish conversations, read an accompanying text, complete the set exercises and then on a blank tape you practice what you have heard. This interactive tape is then submitted to your Spanish tutor along with your written Spanish assignment for correction and comments. The Spanish lessons progress at you own pace so there is no danger that you could lose track.

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