NUI Galway’s Adult Learners Virtual Information Evening goes live 23rd June

By Cormac O' Meara - Last update

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NUI Galway’s annual Adult Learners Information Evening will take place online on Wednesday 23rd June from 7-8.30pm.

“The information evening is an ideal opportunity to find out more about the courses which are of interest to you. We will run the event online again this year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. They have retained all the key elements of our traditional information evening which former students have found useful to help them choose from the extensive range of part-time, flexible courses on offer at NUI Galway” explains Nuala McGuinn, Director at the Centre for Adult Learning and Professional Development.

Over the course of the evening prospective students will have an opportunity to join a live panel discussion from 7 to 7:40pm which includes teaching staff and part-time students. The panel will discuss what’s involved in being an adult learner, how to choose the right course and to find out more about industry trends and emerging skills needs. You can watch online presentations and join the Live Q&A session from 7:40-8:30pm.

Courses to be showcased at the event are from Arts & Social Sciences, Business & Management, Community Education, Training & Education Studies, Early Childhood Studies, Languages, Information Technology, Science and Technology, Health Promotionand Pre-University Courses.

Part-time courses on offer through the Centre for Adult Learning & Professional Development are delivered through a fully online or blended learning teaching format. For details on course delivery and semester dates, please refer to the course web pages.

You can register for this event at:

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