Making Lifelong Learning a Reality: A Handbook

By Steven Galvin - Last update

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The UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning has published a new handbook titled “Making Lifelong Learning a Reality: A Handbook” to support countries in adopting lifelong learning (LLL) policies and strategies.

The comprehensive guide was developed through an extensive consultative process with experts and stakeholders. It provides practical guidance to policymakers on leveraging LLL to address complex global challenges and contribute to sustainable development goals.

Making Lifelong Learning a Reality: A Handbook

“With this handbook, we aim to inform and inspire governments to embrace lifelong learning, which fosters social cohesion, active citizenship, and employability,” said UIL Director David Atchoarena in the foreword.

The handbook introduces key LLL concepts and essential elements like promoting health/wellbeing, adaptability, and democratic values. It shares strategies for designing national LLL policies and local implementation plans.

Key topics covered include using LLL to respond to technological transformation, climate change, demographic shifts and threats to global health and social systems. Guidance on governance, data collection, formal/informal learning and flexible education pathways is provided.

The guide also relates LLL policies to the UNESCO Learning City model for localized implementation. Feedback from expert workshops helped develop the content.

“This handbook will help the global community wake up to lifelong learning’s immense potential for empowering people and communities,” said Atchoarena. The UIL aims to build national and local capacities to make LLL a reality for all.


Download the publication here. 

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