Looking for your 15 minutes of fame or more? Get into Film and TV Acting with Dublin Central School of Acting

By Cormac O' Meara - Last update

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The Dublin Central School of Acting will be offering a 10 week ‘Get into Film and TV Acting beginners course’ this spring.

It is run by Casting Director Gillian Reynolds and we also bring in a Film Director and photographer to take head shots and A Film Crew to film/edit your showreel.

The course covers the key areas in the world of Acting:It is primarily aimed at Film and TV Acting for Newcomers.

  • Acting for Camera-camera angles and eye lines-framing
  • The difference between one camera and three camera’s for Film-Episodic T.V. and Soaps.
  • How to create a character
  • Script breakdown
  • Write and make a short film in a day using theory learnt from class
  • Casting for TV Commercials
  • Improvisation / voice & movement
  • Audition and Interview technique.
  • Make a short Film in a day with the knowledge learnt from the course.
  • How to market yourself within the Industry.
  • The Art of Self taping
  • The C.V. and Agent
  • Professional Head Shot taken
  • Professional Showreel at end of course


Check out the School’s sample showreels:





The next available course begins on the Saturday 9th March

It runs Every Saturdays from 10am-5.30pm. Punctuality and commitment are  essential.

The cost is E65 per week.It runs for 10 weeks and the total cost is E650.This can be paid in instalments and should be paid in full before the course starts.

The dates for our next course all fall on a Saturday.

MARCH: 9th-16th-23rd-30th


MAY:4th 11th-18th

The VENUE: The Central Hotel.Exchequer Street.Dublin 2.

Cormac O' Meara

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