Higher Education Gateways Available to Help with Recovery Strategy

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Both IT Carlow and WIT are offering higher education gateways to businesses to develop recovery strategies via a mix of online services & remote tools (video meetings, online brain storming, digital whiteboards, live video workshops etc) through their Technology Gateways. In particular Design+ in IT Carlow and RIKON in WIT have responded with a clear focus on assisting companies develop new recovery strategies.

Higher Education Gateways Available

Many companies are facing the challenges of cash-flow, distribution, communication difficulties and loss of traditional sales channels through retail etc. However, many are also identifying opportunities such as online sales development, increase in local supply demand, increase in food awareness and local produce, opportunities to diversify to new products or new markets.

Design+ in IT Carlow:

The design strategy workshops are aimed at supporting companies to re- strategise and frame the challenges and opportunities pertinent to their business. Delivery includes digital workshops to work remotely with a lead strategist engaged with the client face to face through live video whilst a second strategist works on the digital whiteboard to capture the key information and visually map the connections. The live video and visual mapping being shared on the whiteboard brings a dynamic to the workshops and ensures they are totally bespoke to the company’s needs.

Contact: Stephen Rooney, Design+ Gateway Manager Stephen.rooney@itcarlow.ie


WIT is delivering its services online and has been working closely with organisations, helping respond to an array of issues such as crisis management, process optimisation, supply chain resilience, digital transformation, scenario planning and business model innovation in preparation for ramp up post-crisis.

The funding landscape is becoming increasingly crowded and RIKON is providing assistance to companies to assess which stream of funding is best suited to their needs. Since the COVID crisis, government agencies have released new mechanisms such as the Lean Continuity Voucher and Business Continuity Voucher to help companies respond in an agile manner. RIKON can cover all potential elements of the business – lean, business model innovation and scenario planning, digital and online marketing and online training, coaching and consultancy.

Contact: Dr Pat Lynch, RIKON Gateway Manager plynch@wit.ie.



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