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The AONTAS STAR Awards are open for nominations! The STAR Awards are an awards initiative coordinated by AONTAS as part of the annual Adult Learners’ Festival to acknowledge the fantastic work undertaken by adult learning groups and initiatives throughout Ireland. The awards celebrate the positive contribution that these Initiatives make to our society, our economy and our local communities.

Nominated Initiatives are welcome from all individuals including learners, tutors, sponsors and groups themselves throughout Ireland. As long as the initiative focuses on adult learning and falls within the assigned categories, you can nominate.

If you have any questions about the eligibility of your initiative, please contact Brian Desmond, AONTAS Membership & Digital Engagement Officer at:

The following bullet points are examples of what can make a winning Initiative. It is recommended that nominated initiatives try to demonstrate a variety of these:

  • Learner-centred approach – the learner should be at the core of the initiative
  • Collaboration/Partnership – evidence of teamwork, partnership and cooperation between diverse groups
  • Inclusion – learning opportunities should reach all learners, especially those furthest from the education and training system
  • Learner supports – which facilitate access and retention of learners such as financial, mentoring and caring supports
  • Positive learning experience – such as how the initiative’s curriculum was built around the learners’ needs or interests
  • Progression – demonstrate learner’s movement onto further education and training, community involvement or employment
  • Transformative learning – show how being involved in learning has helped the participants to make a change to their lives and/or their community

DEADLINE Wednesday, 22nd November 2023 at 5pm. No nominations can be accepted after this date.


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