Animal Science Courses

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For those of you who have the combination of an inquisitive mind along with a fondness for animals a career in animal science would be a natural choice. As the name suggests, it concerns the study of animal life, fisheries, science and aquaculture; the ultimate aim is to analyse the origin, structure and behaviour of animals along with that of the environment and use research to protect endangered species and control pollution.

Most suitable entrants to this sector have an interest in biology, plants and, unsurprisingly, animals. Working with animals will be a huge area of any career in animal science and an analytical and logical way of thinking will also prove extremely helpful. A course in animal science will apply and combine principles of biological, physical and social science; assisting with livestock production and management.

Qualified animal scientists find employment in a number of areas. The most common roles are in advisory and research, the animal food industry, procurement, processing and marketing, private consultancy, farming and enterprise management. Some may diverge from these and be involved in the inspection and grading of livestock or work in technology sales or marketing. As extension agents or consultants they advise agricultural producers on how to upgrade animal housing facilities, lower mortality rates, handle waste matter and increase the production of animal products.

So if you d like to combine your love of animals with a slick white coat and a pair of (less slick goggles) then maybe a course in animal science could be the best choice for you.

Frank Bolger

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