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For anyone with an intention of entering the agriculture industry a nightcourse is a great way of getting an idea of what to expect and to prepare yourself. While practical experience and hands on work is extremely valuable; as farms continue to grow in size and speciality the need for qualifications is becoming increasingly apparent. Now more than ever it s important for those working in the industry to have extensive and transferable skills so that you can be ready for anything

Even for those already established within the farming sector there is an ongoing need for education. As technology evolves at an alarming pace it is imperative that those working on farms are highly skilled and up to date with all the latest equipment. This will ensure that the work is done as efficiently as possible; saving time, money and face in front of your neighbour who seems to be a dictionary on all the latest jargon; a nightcourse will prepare you well for those stilted conversations over the fence.

The number of subject matters focused on is as many and diverse as the problems that are encountered on farms on a daily basis. Everything from lessons on modern technology to food safety advice is provided giving participants a general yet extensive insight into how the industry works and what is needed to maintain profitability.

Those who still associate farming with the stereotypical images of Glenroe are more outdated than that block of cheese that lives in the top left side of your fridge. Although for some farming may be their primary employment it is a growing trend that traditional farmers are also involved in other sectors such as manufacturing, food science and agribusiness. The options available are vast and exciting; ensuring that there will be no routine and drab desk life. The possibilities can run even further afield with increasing numbers entering related areas like tourism, education and research; so if you re employed in agriculture but feel like a change of pace why not consider taking a nightcourse to take you into a related field (haha; get it; field farming Sorry )

Shailen Lakhani

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