Step One…Lifelong Learning & You

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As you decide to enrol in an adult education course, it is important to consider some points, which will have an influence on the enjoyment, you gain from learning and which will ensure your success. i.e Lifelong Learning.

First amongst these factors will be your motivation and a positive attitude towards the different tasks, which will be presented to you. This approach will need to be backed up by practical skills in organising yourself to make the most of your time and the resources available to you. Naturally, your learning style and particular talents will have a bearing on how you tackle your work so that you can save yourself unnecessary effort by learning some simple techniques for dealing with all the information which will be presented to you.

This Guide offers you some thoughts and tips on how to make the best of your adult education course and to get into the right frame of mind for lifelong learning.

You – The Learner

As an adult you perform many roles each day. You may be a friend, a parent, a worker or a neighbour depending on where you are and whom you are with and the way you act in any role expresses your values and what you consider important in life. Now that you are to be a student, you need to take stock of the values, which you attach to your new role and to the characteristics, which you will bring to bear on your time in the classroom and at private study. Understanding yourself and why you want
to study is important Your motivation for returning to study can be varied, it might help you to focus on what is driving you by putting this list of reasons in order of preference.

My Motivation to Study

To Further my Education
To Broaden my Career Prospects
To Learn and Develop a New Skill
For Myself
To Learn a New Hobby
To Make New Friends
To Fill in the Time
To Gain a Qualification

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Step Four...Organising Yourself and Your Time