5 Reasons to Learn Italian

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Are you considering learning a new language? More and more people across the globe are choosing to learn Italian as their second language – why not join them and use this time to learn Italian online? In fact, when it comes to popularity, Italian closely follows English, Spanish and Mandarin in attracting students, and as a country with stunning sites, world famous food, and a wealth of history, there are many reasons to become familiar with this distinctive dialect. 

Italian is among the most spoken languages worldwide; you can find it in 26 countries around the world. This is mainly due to a strong presence of Italian expats, which makes it no surprise that approximately 63 million people across the globe speak Italian as their first language with another 3 million able to speak it as their second.

Learning a second language boosts brain power, improves memory and enhances the mind. Now’s the perfect time to start learning Italian, and we’ve compiled a list of the reasons why below.

Why You Should Learn Italian

1. Immerse Yourself in Culture

According to UNESCO, one of the highest concentrations of heritage sites in the cultural world is located in Italy. With 51 Italian locations registered on the World Heritage List, Italy is a hub for history, art and culture. In fact, Italy has more masterpieces per square kilometre than any other country in the world. Italian is the main language of the Opera and classical music, as well as for the food and fashion, while Italian authors – from Petrarch to Gramsci or Leopardi – are among the most loved and read literary classics.

2. Find New Opportunities

No matter what your intention, whether it’s to use the Italian language every day or occasionally dappling in the culture, knowing a second language can benefit you in many forms. New opportunities can present themselves in ways that you can’t imagine. You may decide to study in Italy, or in another Italian-speaking nation; you’ll make new friends; discover new places and impress any potential employer with the skills you’ve acquired along the way.

3. Study in an Award-winning University

The Italian university system is competitive in a wide range of disciplines; three Italian universities – two from Milan, Politecnico and Bocconi, and one from Rome, La Sapienza – stand out among the top ten in the world when it comes to the QS World University Rankings. Moreover, these Italian universities are among the fifty best on the international stage in 21 disciplines, achieving outstanding accomplishments in a diverse range of subjects such as finance, business, archeology, science and the arts.

4. Make the Most of Your Holidays

Recently, Milan, the capital of Italian fashion, has welcomed 6 million International visitors, and many more tourists come to Rome or Florence each year. Due to the climate, the natural beauty of the region and the history, Italy is one of the major tourist destinations on the planet. When we’re finally able to book holidays again, and you get to plan your next trip aboard, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to communicate with locals in their own tongue? So, even if you’re going on holiday just for a couple of weeks a year, a little local vocabulary will go a long way in connecting you with the Italian-speaking natives, as well as giving you insight into the area.

5. Learn the Language of Great Cooking

When it comes to world-famous Italian food, what better way to begin your learning journey than with language! Don’t stop at pizza, pasta and lasagna, as every Italian region has its culinary traditions and typical flavours that vary from city to city. In addition, Italian is a language with a vast number of words for naming food, restaurants, and dishes. If you get those right, you’ll impress any prospective partner by ordering with confidence in an authentic Italian restaurant.

No matter what your reasons, learning the Italian language will be an enjoyable experience, and is something that many people choose to do for fun, for love, for pleasure, for interest, or for the sheer musicality and sound of the words – all of which make Italian a beautiful language. Find out now about study options to suit you today.


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