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Speak French – Diploma Training Course in French for Beginners

Kilroy’s College

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Learn how to speak basic conversational French with our Speak French Now home study course. People have many and varied reasons for wanting to learn a foreign language and this French course will soon have you speaking French with confidence. Even if you have never spoken French before this course is still for you. It will give the beginner the grammar, vocabulary and the verbal skills needed to speak basic conversational French.

Course Contents


At the Restaurant

In a Hotel

Hiring a Car

At the Train Station


At the Travel Agency


Talking about Yourself

Research proves that the best and most effective way to learn a language is the way you learned English – by listening and practising what you have heard. Speak French Now uses this technique in a unique and exciting way. You listen to pre-recorded French conversations, read an accompanying text, complete the set exercises and then on a blank tape you practice what you have heard. This interactive tape is then submitted to your French tutor along with your written French assignment for correction and comments. The French lessons progress at you own pace so there is no danger that you could lose track.

How distance learning works:

Continuous Assessment

At the end of each unit, an assignment is completed and sent to your tutor at the college. Each one will be promptly returned to you with helpful comments and your next study unit. Throughout your course you will receive regular feedback and encouragement from your tutor to help ensure the successful completion of your studies.


All your course work and any correspondence with the college will be treated as strictly private and confidential.


An excellent textbook, carefully chosen by our course writers to compliment this study programme, will be sent to you with your first study units. This is yours to keep for future reference.

Our Diploma

Here at Kilroy’s College, our Diploma is awarded to students based on their work throughout their course. So, on successful completion of all your written assignments, you will receive your Kilroy’s College Diploma in Speak French. The Future Many of our students tell us that our courses have given them the confidence to go on to further study, to begin work or to change careers. Many of those in employment have received a promotion or an increase in salary as a result of completing a Kilroy’s College course.


  • The College is open all year, so you can start studying at any time.
  • This Speak French course allows you the flexibility and confidentiality of studying at home without having to take time out from work or other personal commitments.
  • It offers you valuable savings in time and transportation because you complete your entire course from home.
  • Once enrolled, you will receive everything that you need to get started in your student study pack.

More about course:

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College Name Kilroy’s College
Course Category French, Languages
Course Type Distance Learning
Course Qualification Diploma
Course Location Dublin, Ireland
Location Postcode Dublin 2
Delivery mode Distance Learning
Course Fee 295.00
Course Duration 12 months
Course Times All year enrolling
Title of Awarding Kilroy's College Speak French Diploma
Entry Requirements The good news is that you don’t need any previous experience or qualification to take this Speak French course.
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Course Provider

Kilroy’s College

(01) 662 0539
Wentworth House, Dublin, Republic of Ireland

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