Are you thinking of going back to education? Perhaps you'd like to up skill in your present job or even change careers? An Advanced Certificate might be your best option. This award is at Level 6 award on the National Framework of Qualifications and a certificate at this level enables learners to develop a comprehensive range of skills across a number of fields. In fact, these skills may be specific to an individual's vocation or alternatively might be of a supervisory nature. A programme at this level also requires a detailed theoretical understanding. Modules that are commonly found on an Advanced Certificate course include advanced vocational and occupational skills. Most people with Level 6 Advanced Certificates take up positions of employment. In general Institutes of Technology and QQI award these certificates.

The National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) is a system of ten levels used to describe the Irish qualifications system. The NFQ is based on standards of knowledge, skill, and competence and incorporates awards made for all kinds of learning, wherever it is gained. Qualifications achieved in school, further education and training and higher education and training are all included. You will see that all framework awards now have an NFQ Level (1-10) which describes the standard of learning and an NFQ Award-Type which describes the purpose, volume and progression opportunities associated with a particular award.

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