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MMA welding course

Nationwide Welding Institute

Valued for its flexibility, MMA is one of the most commonly used welding processes.

It is used on a daily basis by DIYers, Tradesmen, Security Metalwork Specialists and Metal Fabricators, as well as on pipe laying work sites.  MMA welding consists of creating a high-intensity electric arc between a shielded metal-cored electrode and the metals to be joined.

The filler metal is transferred by an electric arc between gushing soul of the coated electrode and the workpiece

The heat generated by the electric arc simultaneously melts the base metal (workpiece), the metal core and the coating of the electrode, creating the melt which collects drops of filler metal and molten slag transferred into the plasma of this arc.  Part of electrode components is volatilized, helping to create the atmosphere in which the arc is struck.  The molten coating, low-density covers the melt forming the slag which protects the weld metal during and after solidification.

College Name Nationwide Welding Institute
Course Category Construction, Welding
Course Type Practical
Course Location Dublin City South, Dublin, Ireland
Location Postcode Dublin 10
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