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Diploma in Computer Programming with Java

IBAT College, Dublin

Ireland has gained increasing recognition as Europe’s premier location for software development. There are now almost 730 indigenous software companies, employing over 10,000 people, and continuing to grow. Ireland has now overtaken the USA as the biggest exporter of software in the world; 60% of all software sold in Europe originates in Ireland. Nine of the world’s top 10 software companies have today established a significant presence in Ireland.

Traditional players with long-established operations – such as Intel, HP, IBM, Microsoft and Apple – have now been joined by newer firms at the forefront of the internet and social media revolution, including: Google; Facebook; LinkedIn; Amazon; PayPal; EBay, and most recently Twitter, firmly positioning Ireland as the internet capital of Europe. But many have been forced to look outside the country for employees with the right skills.

Trained computer programmers are ideally placed to take advantage of such skills shortages. Programmers are essential for websites, databases, web applications and games, it looks highly likely that programming graduates at all levels will be in strong demand well into the foreseeable future. Computer programming involves creating a sequence of instructions (code) in order to get a computer to perform certain tasks. There are many different kinds of programming languages, but just as learning one foreign language can help you learn others, becoming familiar with one programming language will allow you to develop a reading knowledge of others and pick them up more easily. Java is one of the more popular programming languages, it is an object oriented, cross platform programming language which is widely used in industry for internet based website and applications. More than 800,000 Java programmers are using their knowledge, skills and recognition learned through varies courses to improve their job prospects, earn more money and become more valuable employees. There are over 3 billion devices running Java worldwide, the world’s top companies rely on Java Programmers to build and maintain these critical applications, as such companies across all sectors have shown an increased demand for ICT Professionals that are skilled in Java Programming.

If this all sounds like double-Dutch, don’t worry, this introductory-level computer programming course is specifically designed for those with little or no previous experience in the area. It provides learners, regardless of their background, to feel justifiably confident in their ability to write code and is ideal for any learner with an interest and motivation to embark in a career in software development.

This course is aimed at learners with little or no prior programming experience, but a desire to understand computational approaches to problem solving. Learners will learn the fundamental concepts and terminology of software development and develop skills in designing and writing computer programs. The course assumes no programming background and provides an overview of the software development process in addition to introducing important programming constructs and methodologies. This course provides a comprehensive and easy to follow lesson plan and tuition in one of the most popular, versatile and widely used programming languages in common use today, all taught in modern specialist computing labs.

If you want to learn computer programming but don’t have any prior experience, you’ll enjoy this programming course in Java, one of the most widely used computer languages in the world. It’s a breeze to learn in a friendly and supportive environment. Start with the basics of programming and go on to write your own programs and integrate input and output, calculations, decision making, and loops. Build your knowledge and confidence with easy-to-understand examples and plenty of skill-building exercises. The course will also serve learners as a pathway to preparing for the Java SE Foundations exam by Oracle.

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Course Code CIBCPROG1
College Name IBAT College, Dublin
Course Category Computer Programming, Computers & IT (Information Technology)
Course Type Online Learning
Course Qualification Diploma
Course Location Dublin, Ireland
Location Postcode Dublin 2
Course Start Date 28th June 2022
Course End Date 6th September 2022
Course Fee 765
Course Duration 11 weeks
Course Times Tuesday Evenings, 6.30pm - 9.30pm
Title of Awarding Diploma in Computer Programming (Introduction to Programming)
Entry Requirements This course is aimed at learners with little or no prior programming experience, but a desire to understand computational approaches to problem solving. Students are required to be fluent in basic digital literacy on Windows as follows - ability to: Type and edit files Understand the keyboard (backspace v del, tab key) Have very basic typing skills, ability to type with some proficiency i.e. not pecking with 2 fingers Use the file system - copy and paste files, delete and move files Create folders / navigate around folders Rename files and folders Understand the difference between files and folders Copy and Paste text within files Use zip files
Career Path Current forecasts about the future of the computing industry in Ireland are excellent. During the past decade, Ireland has gained increasing recognition as Europe’s premier location for software development. Since the 1980s, most leading US software vendors, including Microsoft, Oracle, Google, Facebook and Symantec, have based their European operations centres in Ireland. The country has also become the number one site for software development in Europe. All the big players such as Microsoft, Google, EBay, Symantec and Amazon are now based in Ireland. This course will serve as an excellent and comprehensive introductory foundation in programming and will help to secure entry-level positions across the ICT sector for roles including but not limited to software testing and junior developer. This course will also prepare students for the Java SE 7 Fundamentals Certification exam by Oracle, which is the required first step towards Java Professional Certification. Computer Programming is often the first port of call for anyone looking to move into a full-time role in software development. An understanding of a computer language will also offer many opportunities for promotion as it provides insight and knowledge on how systems are actually built and implemented within organisations. Students who complete the Diploma in Computer Programming and are interested in furthering their study in the area of programming are eligible to progress onto the more Advanced Diploma in Computer Programming (Advanced Java).
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