Course Description

Computer Applications For the Office and Business Environment

Marino College

This course provides a comprehensive Introduction to Microsoft Work, Excel, Powerpoint Presentation and or the computer essentials necessary for the Office and Business environment.

Topics covered include the following:

Computer Essentials

  •  Understand key concepts relating to ICT, computers, devices and software.
     Work effectively on the computer desktop using icons, windows.
     Adjust the main operating system settings and use built-in help features.
     Know some concepts of file management and be able to efficiently organise files and folders.
     Understand storage.
     Understand the importance of protecting data and devices from malware, and the importance of
    backing up data.
     Recognise considerations relating to green IT, accessibility, and user health.
  • Word Processing
     Create, edit and save small-sized word processing documents
     Choose built-in options, such as the Help function, to enhance productivity.
     Apply different formats to documents to enhance them.
     Adjust document page settings.
     Check and correct spelling before finally printing documents.
  • Spreadsheets
     Create, edit and save small-sized spreadsheets.
     Choose built-in options, such as the Help function, within the application to enhance productivity.
     Enter data into cells; use good practice in creating lists.
     Select, sort and copy, move and delete data.
     Edit rows and columns in a worksheet.
     Copy, move, delete, and appropriately rename worksheets.
     Create mathematical formulas using standard spreadsheet functions.
     Recognise some error values
     Format numbers and text content in a spreadsheet.
     Create, and format charts.
     Printing spreadsheets.
  • Presentations
     Create, edit and save small-sized presentations.
     Work with presentations and save them.
     Choose built-in options, such as the Help function..
     Understand different presentation views and when to use them.
     Understand different slide layouts and designs.
     Enter, edit, and format text in presentations.
     Recognise good practice in applying unique titles to slides.
     Create, and format charts.
     Insert and edit pictures, images, and drawn objects.
     Apply animation and transition effects to presentations.
     Printing and giving presentations.

On completion of this course the learner will have a very good grounding in Computer Applications for use in the Office  and/or to proceed to more formal qualification such as  ECDL or equivalent

Marino, Dublin, Ireland
Course Code 09
College Name Marino College
Course Category Computer Applications, Computers & IT (Information Technology)
Course Type Classroom Based
Course Qualification Certificate of Attendance
Course Location Marino, Dublin, Ireland
Location Postcode Dublin 3
Course Start Date 19th September 2022
Course End Date 28th November 2022
Course Fee €120
Course Duration 10 weeks
Course Times Monday 7.30-9.30pm
Title of Awarding Course Certificate
Entry Requirements Some computer knowledge- this course is not for Beginners.
Career Path This course is designed for learners working in Office settings or who wish to progress to more formal certification.
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Marino College

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