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Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering

Institute of Technology Sligo

Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering; ; ; ; Civil Engineering is about creating, improvingand protecting the environmentin which we live. Most people would be surprised by how much Civil Engineering affects their daily lives – from the water that you drink, to the school that you attend, to the energy that powers your mobile phone. It encompasses all aspects of infrastructure development and is used to improve and protect the environment that we live in. It involves the planning, design and construction of facilities that we require for everyday life such as roads, tunnels, bridges, buildings, offshore oil-platforms, water supply systems, wastewater treatment systems, dams and sustainable energy schemes such as hydroelectric stations and wind farms to name but a few.; ; As a result, Civil Engineering offers diverse and challenging career opportunities.; ; ; ; What do Civil Engineers do?; ; Civil Engineering is a profession that deals with the design, construction and maintenance of the built environment that is essential to our society. As you can imagine a Civil Engineer’s work involves solving complex problems in a number of different areas:; Environmental Engineering – water must be treated prior to consumption, waste must be removed and treated so that it does not damage our environment and alternative renewable energy resources must be developed and exploited.; ; Geotechnical Engineering – understanding the behaviour of soils and rocks to design tunnels and foundations for structures, both onshore and offshore.; ; Structural Engineering – skyscrapers, bridges, wind turbines and roller coasters must be analysed and designed to safely resist all forces to which they are subjected e.g. earthquake or wind forces.; ; Transportation Engineering – roads, railways, train stations and airports must all be planned and designed to cater for the increasing travel demands of modern society.; ; Construction Engineering – All of the various kinds of projects listed above must be taken from the design stage through construction to completion by qualified construction professionals.; ; Course Description:; This course is a blend of formal lectures, relevant practical classes to enhance understanding of topics and projects to apply the information learnt to typical Civil Engineering applications. The early part of the course develops an understanding of science and technology which are the underlying principles of engineering. Gradually the students are introduced to the core Civil Engineering areas of structural, hydraulic, geotechnical and highway engineering as well as project and site management. Written and verbal communication skills are continuously developed through presentations and technical writing. At the end of this course graduates have the skills demanded by current employers.; ; Civil Engineering is a dynamic industry, which is continuously evolving and changing. The Civil Engineering courses at IT Sligo teach the necessary skills for graduates to be active participants in this exciting industry. Graduates of this programme can also progress to an honours degree in Civil Engineering at IT Sligo or other third level colleges.; ; ; ; Key Skills:; The early part of this course is primarily concerned with developing a good understanding of the underlying science and technology of engineering. Subjects studied include:CAD/ drawing; Civil Engineering materials; Construction technology; Engineering science and chemistry; Information and communication technology; Mathematics, statistics and numerical methods; Surveying; ; In the final two years the emphasis moves to the core Civil Engineering topics. Subjects include:Environmental engineering; Geotechnical engineering and geology; Highway and traffic engineering; Hydraulic engineering; Project management and law; Structural mechanics, analysis and design

Sligo Town, Sligo, Ireland
College Name Institute of Technology Sligo
Course Category Engineering, Science & the Built Environment
Course Type Classroom Based
Course Qualification Ordinary Bachelor Degree
Course Location Sligo Town, Sligo, Ireland
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