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Montessori Education Centre

43 North Great Georges Street, Dublin, Republic of Ireland

Founded by Mary Bowers and the late Connie Fahey, the MEC has been training Montessori teachers in Ireland and Sweden and running a Montessori School since 1985. Our school and day-care are attended by children between the ages of three and twelve years. They are based, with the main college, in large Georgian buildings owned by the MEC in the centre of Dublin.

Quality is not arbitrary and children have needs and rights which must be safeguarded by best practice; the Montessori Education Centre is committed to the provision of quality education and care of children using the Montessori method.

Having regard to the enormous responsibility, which rests on adults who are entrusted with the care and development of children, the Montessori Education Centre has formulated a rigid code of practice and standards to which we expect our staff, students and graduates to adhere.

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Montessori Education Centre
43 North Great Georges Street
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