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Friday, 09-10-2015

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CMI, Communication and Management Institute, based in Dublin city centre, is a professional institute of education, which seeks to ...
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Creedons College provide science based progressive adult educational courses, available through weekend, evening and online classes, to help those who have a passion for animals gain the knowledge, sk ......Read more
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On Friday, October 9th, for Mental Health Awareness Week, Meeting House Square, in Temple Bar, is being transformed into a place to ?Chill Out?. The square will be taken over for the day with couch ......Read more
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Why Study for an Evening Degree Qualification at DBS? - It's your chance to gain a competitive advantage in the workplace by enhancing career prospects & employability. - You can enhance exi ......Read more
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Joan Cashman is hosting a new part-time Stylist Course at The Colour And Image Academy in Cork City this October. Joan has been styling the nation for more than 20 years and her Diploma courses in ......Read more
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Thinking of getting ‘professionalised’? The Open Training College is still open for applications for its BA in Applied Social Studies (Disability) courses commencing September 2015. ‘Learning Toget ......Read more
Sound Engineering Courses in Ireland

What is it?As anyone who has been to the theatre, cinema or opera will tell you, sound is as important a performer as any actor. Good sound de.... Read full article
Part-time and evening Genealogy courses in Ireland

What is it?At its most basic level, genealogy is the study of family history. While the discipline has long been used by those seeking to trace thei.... Read full article
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