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Want to learn about computers? Courses for beginners, designers and ICT workers

Computer savvy is a necessary skill for most jobs in Ireland. You’ll find computers across all industries, from accountancy to zoology […]

Sports psychology: a winning discipline

Sports are a central part of our culture. Many of us play sports, even more of us watch them, but […]

Fashion design: could you be the next Jean Paul Gaultier?

There are so many fashions and all of them are subject to change. Lengths, cuts, styles, stretch and colours are […]

Zoology: all creatures great and small

Zoology appeals to animal lovers and to people who want to study the animal world. Zoology is a scientific discipline, […]

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Secretary and administration assistant roles

The secretary or administrative assistant is the heart of any office. There is always a demand for hardworking and talented […]

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Food safety: a necessary and rewarding career

Ireland is a “food island.” That means we also need to be a “food safety island.” Growing and producing food […]

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Development Studies: why the world is the way it is

Globalisation has brought the world closer together. This has created opportunities and challenges. It also means that the need development studies […]

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Political science: make a real difference

Politics changes at a rapid rate. Tomorrow’s outcome depends on today’s decisions. Political science appeals to people who want to […]

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Customer care, relations and service

Businesses all over the world understand the benefits of customer service. In fact, some top businesses have built empires due […]

Child psychology: studying human’s key development phase

Organisations all across Ireland have realised the benefits of incorporating psychological services into their practices. Employee and/or customer behaviour is especially […]

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The DJ School

  Dublin, Republic of Ireland
Since 1999, The DJ School (formerly the Dublin Media Centre) has teamed up with Star DJ's, Ireland’s larg...

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