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Finding your purpose in life is the ultimate stress remover because for the first time you are no longer operating from fear, insecurity or loneliness – you are operating from you. You have to understand that you do not have to leave your present situation to find your purpose. All you have to do is simply apply yourself completely to doing your job 100 per cent, whatever that job is – whether you are a secretary, executive, or road sweeper. If you do what you are doing 100 per cent, life will bring about change for the better in its own way.

It may not seem that way at the moment, but can you honestly say that you are completely doing your job I doubt it. People often say they hate their jobs, but how would they know when they have been too busy hating it Why not start off tomorrow or even today, and make a commitment to doing whatever it may be, better. This includes your present job, your relationships etc. There is nothing that this attitude can not be used on – so start now! Don t say you will try because that is another way of saying I can t do it – just simply do it.

Let us take stress further and examine how we can overcome it without effort. The harder we try the more difficult it becomes, so one of the secrets is not to try too hard.


One simple exercise to do is simply close your eyes and in your mind re-live the whole day. When you finish, you may realise that your whole life is like watching a film on a big screen – the only difference is that you are the main character. Now this can be a stressful film, or a happy one, or a violent one, etc. You simply choose. If you could imagine slipping a cassette into your head and that tape is your life, ask yourself if you think you would be happy with it or not. If, for example, you have tension, anxiety etc – you have the ability to change it, for whatever you are thinking now will be projected into life. For some of us that could be a nightmare. The more negative your thoughts, the more negative the people and situations will be that attract themselves to you.

To illustrate this phenomenon, just do this simple exercise. Sit back, close your eyes, and imagine as clearly as possible that you are holding a lemon in your hand. See how yellow it is. Feel it in your hand, peel it and bite into it. Feel the juice in your mouth and swallow it. Now if you are doing this properly, you will feel the bitterness and sourness in your mouth. Try this a few times and then you will understand how easily your thoughts can influence your mind and body. So, only put in what you want to happen and simply change the film! This is the charting of your progress in action, because whatever film you have in at the moment that s your life. If for example you worry a lot, then simply worry about something you want to happen as opposed to something you don t. It s that simple.

Pat Henry is a leading international expert on yoga therapy and fitness, providing consultation to VIPs and major companies worldwide. Pat is a bestselling author on fitness and health and regularly appears on TV and radio, most
recently as an expert on RTE s Operation Transformation.

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