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Take the Mature Student route to Trinity College Dublin! Mature students may apply for any of the following routes in Trinity:

  • Direct entry to a degree course
  • Admission to the Foundation Course for Matures in Trinity
  • Admission to University Access Courses in either Pearse College or Plunket College (CDETB).

Mature Student Direct entry closes on February 1st The Foundation Course closes on March 28th.

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Trinity College Dublin offers an eclectic range of lifelong learning courses. Search Nightcourses.com to find adult education courses at TCD.

Trinity College Dublin, located in the heart of Dublin city, is steeped in scholarly and national history. Today it remains Ireland’s highest ranked university and within the world’s top one hundred. TCD provides an excellent variety of courses throughout areas in the Arts and Humanities, Business, Law, Engineering, Science and Health Sciences.

Lifelong learning is a continual process that anyone can avail of. It could be for personal interest or professional development. Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin, offers a wide range of evening and short courses in many different fields which result in the gaining of new ideas, new knowledge, and in some instances, new qualifications.

Today, the continuing nature of education is more important than ever. Old skills become obsolete, new skills come to be in high demand. The people who can participate most effectively in our fast paced modern society are those who are most open to new ideas, most adaptable and willing to continually re-educate themselves and broaden their perspectives.

In addition to degree and diploma courses, there is a wide range of short courses to choose from at Trinity, from history of art to social work, philosophy to psychology, Greek and Roman mythology and religion to physics and a wide variety of languages among others.

Explore courses here.

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