Women’s Studies Courses

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Women’s Studies Courses

Women’s Studies Courses in Ireland – Why Should You Enroll

Description: Women’s studies courses are all about women, their social status, their political contribution, their cultural conduct and their relationship with men.

Women’s courses aim at helping the learners have a better understanding of how value and knowledge take diverse forms based on a range of social variables. The field looks at gender as a cultural and social construct. It also examines how power and gender are related. At the end of these courses, you will have a clear understanding of the contributions women have and should make, and their social status not only in Ireland, but also in the world.

There is no denying that women’s courses have become very popular among women and men. But why should you also consider enrolling for these courses?

Leads you to intellectual and personal discoveries

When taking women’s courses, you will learn how you can use gender as the main category of your analysis when you will be doing inquiries. You will also be able to reflect how gender manifests in your own life. These courses will draw your attention to how sexuality, gender, race, religion, nationality and class connect to each other. You will discover that any social categories in relation to gender affect personal and intellectual development of a person. Such awareness will help you discover your own personality and intellectual ability.

Instill awareness of what a woman faces every day

Taking women’s courses will bring your attention to the fears and worries women face in their homes, in social places, and everywhere else every day. For instance, women do get nervous when they are in social places, or walking along the streets alone. Unlike men, women worry too much about what they wear and how they look. You will also learn how men can come in to change these tribulations and trials that face women every day. You will also get to understand how women can also help improve their quality of lives.

Teaches the importance of women in our society

The contribution of women is necessary in every aspect of life, including in political, social and economic worlds. However, you might not be aware of how significant women are to the society if you don’t take women’s courses. These courses are designed to draw the attention of both men and women to the significance of women. Apart from delivering babies, women have the capacity to play a role in all areas of life.

You will discover that equality is for all genders

Contrary to what many people believe out there, equality is not only for women, but also for all genders. Women’s courses are designed to show you that no gender is superior to the other, and everyone should be given equal opportunities. In short, these courses are positive for all genders. They help make you understand theories of feminism. By the end of these courses, you will discover that feminism is not a negative thing. In fact, it is for all genders. You will understand that the theories of feminism promote the idea of women and men standing side by side.

You will gain insight on women’s rights and politics around these rights

Politics can negatively affect the rights of women. On the same note, politics can also affect women’s rights positively. When you enroll for women’s courses in Ireland, you will gain insight on the rights of women.

Taking women’s courses should be for every human being, but not only for women. After all, they benefit everyone. Even though much has been achieved in terms of equality, it’s still very clear that women in Ireland don’t manage to get what they deserve or strive for just because they are women.

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