Train the trainer: learning how to deliver effective training programmes

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Knowing something, and knowing how to teach it to other people are different skills. That’s where Train the Trainer courses come in.

A quick explainer

Train the Trainer courses teach students how to design and deliver, as well as assess and evaluate training programmes. In addition, they look at issues such as learning styles and different approaches to learning. At the end of the course, the trainer will have the skills, insight and knowledge to manage training and development in a professional manner.

There is a variety of courses on offer. Furthermore, Train the Trainer courses are available at certificate level as well as QQI Level 6 and QQI Level 7.

Certificate courses are normally for people who wish to become trainers, or who need to deliver training programmes as part of their work.

QQI Level 6 and 7 courses are for those already working as trainers. However, these courses may also open to those without trainer experience.

What does it involve?

All Train the Trainer courses will teach participants how to create effective training programmes. Depending on the course, and the length of it, they may also cover a variety of topics. These include:

  1. The differences between training and education
  2. Accessing learning needs and staff development
  3. Adult learning
  4. Learning styles and methodologies
  5. Skills for effective trainers
  6. Effective training delivery
  7. Group dynamics
  8. Equality, diversity and disability legislation
  9. How to provide effective feedback
  10. How to design evaluation tools to determine if training needs were met

Depending on the length of the course and the final qualification, Train the Trainer courses may be completed over a few days or several months. Weekend courses, classroom-based courses and blending learning options are available. For more information on available courses, please see here.



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