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Name: Deirdre Bashford
Course Provider: ULearning (University of Limerick)
Course: MSc in Strategic Quality Management

Anything worth doing, and doing well, requires work. Further learning beyond the surroundings and culture of full time education is a challenge for anyone. However it s not just a journey to enhance career prospects, it is equally as important for personal development.

Choosing to enrol in a Masters in Strategic Quality Management was prompted by the direction the company I m working for was taking. At a personal level I was ready and willing to take this on as a challenge. Both were factors of equal measure.

Embarking in further education and adult learning, results in a mix of excitement and anticipation. Excitement from the point of view of what can be achieved, and anticipation as a result of our questions about our ability to achieve what we want.

From the first day of lectures I knew the course matched exactly where the company was heading and there was no question about its application in work. On that day, I was also under no illusion as to the amount of work involved in completing the course. This of course is the major challenge, the WORK . It s not easy, nothing worth doing is, but it is more than doable and believe it or not, it s enjoyable.

With the support of the team running the course first day nerves are more than allayed and support is the foundation of achieving what you want. It is of course up to the individual and responsibility lies with us. But what you put into it is what you will get back. If I have one piece of advice, plan, plan & plan, do it and stick to it. In the background is a team that ensures you are not completely on your own and of course there are your fellow students, all in the same boat.

Never feel that you are on your own, what you experience is exactly what everyone else experiences. Staying in touch with others, using study groups all act as a great support and encourage everyone to continue when your at home on a winters evening asking yourself, Why did I take this on ‘

Three years later I now have a Master s under my belt and ran a project that saved the company 200k. Three years sounds like a long time, but its September to December, then late January to early May each year.

Regardless of career prospects, there is a huge sense of personal achievement. That alone is the encouragement to keep going. Also, for those looking to do a course on a dream subject not related to career, it is more than worth it. I ve always wanted a degree in music!

Frank Bolger

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