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Why study Occupational Health and Safety?
Occupational Health and Safety relates to all things health, safety and welfare issues in the workplace. It includes laws, standards and programs that improve spaces for workers and their families. It’s an integral part of a safe workplace and ensures that employees feel secure.

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What will you study?
There are many different courses to take on in Occupational Health and Safety.

Everything that health and safety practitioners need to know is covered in NEBOSH International Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety. There are four units in the course including managing health and safety, hazardous substances and agents, workplace and work equipment safety and the application of health and safety in the workplace.

The course begins with a week of preparatory and managing health and safety workshops and a revision day. Hazardous substances, the application of health and safety workshops, exams will also be covered. Finally, the application of health and safety is continued as well as workplace and work equipment safety.

Exams conclude the modules. The course takes place over a number of days throughout the year. This means that you will have more time for personal study and practice. There is also a virtual version of the course which means you can easily fit it around pre-existing work commitments.

The NEBOSH International General Certificate In Occupational Health And Safety – Virtual course gives students the skills they need to demonstrate competence in health and safety issues relevant to their place of work.

It has been designed to provide the appropriate breadth of underpinning knowledge for non-specialists in occupational health and safety working in an international context. This will enable them to discharge more effectively their duties within the organisation in relation to workplace health and safety.

Students will undertake 10 days of intensive training in order to get a good grasp of health and safety. This will prepare them for examinations. Assessment of the course includes two written papers and a practical assessment.

The course takes ten days to complete. However, students also have to conduct personal study in their own time.

CIEH Equality Act 2010 courses ensure that the rights of workers are protected in the workplace. Students of the course will learn about promoting equality policy in organisations and will give them a better understanding of the act.

They will be able to bring what they learned about equality into their job as well as applying it to their everyday lives.

There are 4 different units in this Occupational Health and Safety course including an introduction to the Equality Act 2010, challenging discrimination and harassment, your rights at work and also creating equality policy.

What career paths are available to me?
Occupational Health and Safety courses can open many different career paths for you.

Taking a course in NEBOSH Internation Health and Safety will allow you to go on to further study in the field. You will be able to move from the general certificate to the diploma programme.

Participants will also be able to further your career in your current field. You could become a manager, supervisor or be in charge of the organisations’ health and safety. Because all of these courses are part-time, you will be able to fit them in around your previous job commitments.

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