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Thinking of taking up a Prison Officer Training Course?
Prison Officer Training Courses will prepare you for this job. They will help you get in the right frame of mind. As well as this, you will be taught the right techniques and approaches to use when on duty. Prison officers supervise and oversee the safety and security of inmates. They also help rehabilitate them. They will help those they work with to plan for the future by working directly with them.

Completing a Prison Officer Training Course will allow you to land a place on the Civil Service Commission’s course. These courses are the first step to become a prison officer. Find the right course for you on’s database.

What will you study in these training courses?
Courses in Prison Officer Training, such as Prison Officer (Preparation Course For Prison Officer Entrance), will initially help students understand what qualities the selection panel look for. After this, students will take a number of tests to help them get into the right mindset for the job. Techniques and approaches to use in day-to-day scenarios of the job will be taught.

Students will take a sample test to stimulate examination conditions. Completing a number of examples of each element of the test will help students prepare.

Interview techniques will be covered in order to assist students in identifying what the selection panel wants to hear.

This course has five units. These include skills and experience self-assessment and questionnaire, verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, research and interview techniques and situational judgement questionnaire.

The units will allow you to gain the skills necessary to perform to the best of your ability in the Prison Officer examination and interview. The initial stages of becoming a prison officer are based on the results of aptitude tests and interview, and this course will make sure you nail them both.

This part-time course requires about 20-25 hours. Distance learning is the method of teaching for this course. It enrols all year round which means you can pick it up whenever suits you. Remote learning allows students to study at home with confidentiality as well as flexibility. You will not only save time but also money as you will not be required to travel anywhere for the course.

You will receive a student study pack including everything you need for the course once you enrol.

What career paths are available to me?
Prison Officer Training Courses will equip you for the skills you need to go on to further study in the field. The Civil Service Commission has designed and developed a recruitment and training programme for the students that succeed in training courses like the Prison Officer (Preparation Course For Prison Officer Entrance).

These students can then go on to further their training and become a prison officer.

Alternatively, students can go on to study in other fields of interest or can complete the course again in order to land a place on the Civil Service Commission’s course to become a prison officer.

Rebecca Daly

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