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Thinking of taking up a course in Sports Nutrition? 

Sports Nutrition courses will help you kickstart your career in fitness, health and everything nutrition. It is an important subject for athletes as it helps to provide a source of energy required to perform the activity. However, at the most basic level, the food we eat has an impact on our strength, training, performance and recovery. Sports Nutrition courses will introduce students to ins and outs of food and fitness and everything in between. 

Those looking to move into the field can take up a course in Sports Nutrition. They also cater to professionals looking to upskill and further their knowledge on the subject. Find the right course for you on’s database here.

What will you learn? 

There are many different courses in Sports Nutrition to take up. 

A Fitness, Health And Nutrition – Diploma Training Course covers all things to do with the human body. This includes the skeletal system, physical fitness for a healthier life, the cardiorespiratory system and flexibility, stretching and relaxation. 

Students will learn the nuts and bolts of nutrition. They will also learn muscles and resistance training, diets and eating disorders and exercise for special populations. Commercial trends, insurance and liability will also be covered. This course will also help students to figure out where they want to go with Sports Nutrition with a module in careers in fitness. 

Distance learning is the method of teaching for this course. This means that students can work in confidentiality and in a way that suits them. It also enrols all year round which means that it can easily fit around previous work or personal life commitments. 

It will give students the ability to recognise what a healthy or unhealthy weight is and how to control it, as well as correct exercise programmes. 

Principles Of Sports Nutrition courses cater for athletes or those coaching sports teams. It helps students to develop a basic knowledge of the current relevant guidelines in Sports Nutrition. 

Professionals looking to upskill or looking to continue their professional development such as physical education teachers are encouraged to take up a course like this. 

The course specialises in developing skills and competencies across essential areas in relation to current evidence-based sports nutrition guidelines. 

This part-time Sports Nutrition course is broken up into three Saturdays of three semesters, which means that it can easily fit around your work and personal commitments. 

What career paths are available to me?

Sports Nutrition courses can lead to a number of different paths. 

These courses are an excellent option for full-time professionals looking to move to a higher job in their field, as well as simply looking to further their knowledge. For P.E. teachers, a course in Sports Nutrition will help you to advise students as to what is best. 

As well as this, the option of further study is available to students who are interested in this subject. They can go on to study sports science, physical education, coaching, training or anything else in the fitness field. 

Students of Sports Nutrition courses go on to become fitness instructors or personal trainers. Food technologist, health improvement practitioner and a nutritionist are also viable career options for students of these courses.

Rebecca Daly

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