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Bouncers, security, door personnel – after traffic wardens, they are perhaps the most despised profession. The image of the large man with a thick roll of fat at the back of his head instead of a neck is a difficult one to dispel. So too are the memories of being refused entry because of such wide-ranging and arbitrary criteria as age, choice of footwear, hair colour or head size. Learn all about how to maintain safety and keep order by taking with security courses.

However, security personnel are a necessary part of life. Without them, clubs would be packed to dangerous levels, people in lemon leisurewear would be common and seven-year-olds could drink highballs in the Gresham. Security guards are needed in all walks of life – whether it be protecting the belly tops in Extrovert or minding the Central Bank.

If you get pub or nightclub work, then your duties will include checking IDs, controlling exits, protecting people and property and maintaining crowd control. You will also be called upon to watch for irregularities such as fire hazards or leaking water pipes. You may have to eject unruly or blind-drunk patrons, without causing them any physical harm.

If you work as a security guard in a shop or business, then your job will be to prevent theft, control the movement of cash and to respond to and check alarm systems. In some cases you may have to issue security passes, give directions and make security arrangements for authorised visitors.

Larger areas, such as industrial estates, may require 24-hour patrols, to protect against fire, vandalism, theft and other illegal activities. If you work in a large organisation such as an airport, then you will have to check bags and people and make sure that no-one is carrying a weapon or trafficking drugs.

Securing The Area

Employment prospects in security are good. Businesses and industries are increasingly buying high-tech electronic surveillance and alarm equipment and security guards are needed to man the decks. Population growth and crime crackdowns have also improved job prospects.

A career in security offers significant responsibilities, but it can also be boring and the novelty of that walkie-talkie will soon wear off. However, opportunities for moving into management are good and you could even consider setting up your own security firm; good luck!

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