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For leaders, the first task in management has nothing to do with leading others; step one poses the challenge of knowing and managing oneself – so said Daniel Goleman; renowned US management leadership guru and writer.

Every organisation needs leaders. If you put any group of people together, and set them a task so that they have to work together, a natural leader or leadership group will emerge. This natural ability to size up a situation, and enable a team to work effectively towards a solution, is a valuable attribute for anyone to possess. Everyone possesses different signs and styles of this ability, which shows itself in different ways in different people. Such natural talents have to be shaped and adapted to ensure the individual’s full leadership potential is harnessed.

Leadership skills can come through in a variety of settings, from the sports field to the corporate boardroom. Most people looking to take a nightcourse in leadership, will probably be more worried about their career prospects than their five-a-side football team however. A leadership qualification on a candidates CV can be very useful, whether you are looking to gain promotion at work, or to explore new employment options further afield.

While leadership is vital at the top of any system, leadership skills are important at all levels within a business or organisation. Leadership is about taking personal responsibility and communicating effectively, and leaders within organisations must be prepared and trained to play their role successfully. Therefore leadership training and development is useful for people at all stages of their careers.

Many companies now divide their staff into groups or teams, and have successive “chains of command”, with leaders and supervisors needed at all levels. Team leaders must be able to motivate and guide their team to meet the specific tasks and challenges which they face, as well as ensuring that everyone on the team pulls together and gets on well. Intelligent employers are interested in helping their staff to develop their leadership skills, in preparation for their future managerial roles.

There is a wide range of specially designed part time leadership courses and corporate training programmes available that can improve and develop leadership skills. Course titles on offer include Leadership Skills and Effectiveness Development, Essentials of Business Leadership, Executive Coaching and Mentoring, Facilitation Skills Development, Team Building and Motivation, as well as a wide range of other similar programmes – all of which are designed with the aim of maximising your leadership potential.

Individuals can choose between short introduction type courses, or enrol in year-long diploma programmes which offer fully recognised qualifications, with many other options in-between.

Given the specific nature of leadership development courses and programmes, there are a variety of innovative and convenient delivery methods available. Many part time courses can set tasks and projects which students can undertake in association with their job. One-to-one coaching and mentoring programmes are increasingly popular. Developments in technology mean that it is easy for a manager to be in regular communication with his or her coach or mentor, which facilitates a closer relationship and an improved learning outcome.

It is a moot point whether leaders are born or made. What we can be sure of is that those who can demonstrate their leadership skills have a sure advantage when it comes to progressing their career and earning the big bucks. Hence an investment in a leadership nightcourse is a sensible choice for anyone looking to take the next step towards securing their future.

Frank Bolger

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